5 DIY activities to recycle your gift packages

recycle gift packages

The festive season, with its procession of gift wrapping paper, colorful boxes and glittering ribbons, brings a touch of gaiety into our homes. But once the magic of Christmas is over, what to do with all that wrapping ...

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Why buy organic coffee pods?

organic coffee pods

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. There are many reasons why people consume coffee, one of the most important being its taste. Coffee has a unique and delicious taste, which is difficult to ...

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How to clean a gasoline particle filter?

petrol car particle filter

In order to limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by vehicles, several devices have been put in place. Some of them allow the reuse of exhaust gas, as is the case of the EGR valve. While others are installed only for filtering. In recent years, all vehicles with diesel and / or gasoline engines are equipped with a particle filter. In this article, you will find out how a petrol particulate filter works.

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Climate change: causes, effects and solutions to limit it

Climate change causes effects and solutions to limit it

Since the last decades, the climate change has been well felt. The effects are visible. Generally, greenhouse gases are essential for the regulation of the climate. However, human activity has caused a real increase in its quantity. As a result, the warming of the earth's surface is felt. Again, the natural climate balance has been modified. It must be said that all sectors are impacted by this large-scale problem. The following information will surely help you to understand the details of the subject.

Noa Khamallah explains how electric bikes can help the environment?

noa khamallah electric bikes environment

The coronavirus outbreak has forced countries to go into a state of emergency. It forced people to stay home. Second, the progress that the climate has shown is worth mentioning. The release of CO2 has decreased; the air around us, which was toxic to breathe, is now safe. According to Noa Khamallahs, the electric bikes can become one of the solutions to help our nature to survive.

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Emile Ouosso Minister and logging in Congo

emile ouosso minister of forestry congo

A large part of the area of the Republic of the Congo is still covered with forests. The most important forest massifs are in the north of the country. They are still little exploited and keep their value. Emile Ouosso Ministerin Congo, explains how the government is coping.

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Climate change and biodiversity in danger

biodiversity climate

Habitat fragmentation is the leading cause of extinction of plant and animal species worldwide. Fragmentation occurs when a large ecosystem is transformed by human action into many small, spatially isolated fragments...

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Solar energy: the ally of your green future


Solar energy is the energy provided by the sun, harnessed by a technology called photovoltaic (PV) cells, which transform sunlight directly into electricity. In a layman's description of the "photovoltaic effect", when the sun strikes the photovoltaic cell, photons of light excite the electrons in the cell, causing them to flow and generate electricity. Homeowners across the country and cities around the world are installing solar panel systems on their roofs to take advantage of this clean, renewable way to generate electricity. So why should you go solar? How does it benefit you? Here are the top motivations for homeowners and business owners, and even some renters, to switch from traditional electricity to solar power.

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Advantages of natural coir doormats


By opting for coir, a renewable and biodegradable natural fiber, you protect the environment. Coir doormats are very popular and this is not without reason. Here are the many advantages: Hygienic and economic These doormats made of coir are ...

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Attic insulation: our advice

attic insulation

Winter is approaching and it is time to look at the insulation of your house. Indeed, with a bad insulation, the well-being of the occupants will be spoiled with in addition an increase of the energy bill in perspective. In addition, ...

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