Ideas of zero waste gifts to spoil your loved ones in an ecological way

Giving a gift to a loved one is a symbolic gesture that allows to mark an event. If you have to choose your present according to the tastes of your loved ones, it is important that they are ecological. You will please your loved ones while respecting the environment. Focus on some ideas of zero waste gifts!

Buy an organic cosmetic box

This type of box contains zero waste and high quality beauty products adapted to all skin types. You can find products such as :

  • Balms,
  • Soaps,
  • Vegan scrubs and masks.

The organic cosmetic box is a gift idea that does not contain any chemical elements harmful to health. Those who use organic products take care of their skin and do not pollute the environment. Giving this gift indicates that you care about the well-being of your friends. You can personalize this type of gift by choosing the organic products yourself. Order it on dedicated websites at affordable prices.

Opt for a sewing workshop with creation of a zero waste kit

A sewing workshop with the creation of a zero waste kit is a gift idea that allows your friend or family member to make their own eco-friendly kit. Offer them a sewing class to increase their knowledge in the world of zero waste. During the session, your friend or family member chooses fabrics and learns assembly techniques.

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Bulk bags, and makeup removal kit are some of the accessories he will learn to make. For a more rewarding experience and an unforgettable day, sign up as a duo. Visit the sites that specialize in these types of presents and make a reservation at a very low price.

Choosing an eco-friendly box

The eco-responsible box is the best gift to include your friends or family in the ecological cause. It is a set of equipment or organic products grouped in a single gift. You can choose between six themes to personalize your box including :

  • My zero waste dishes;
  • My kitchen garden;
  • My No Plastic Picnic;
  • My zero waste toothpaste;
  • My eco-friendly laundry;
  • My bulk shopping.

The eco-responsible box allows you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and zero waste. You can help your friends and family to limit waste thanks to sustainable and pollution-free products. The advantage is that this atypical gift is not expensive. Make your friends and family happy by ordering online now.

Order a Vegan meal

The respect of the environment also passes by the food consumed. If your friend is more of a gourmet, opting for a vegan meal is also a great gift idea. Made with organic, seasonal and pesticide-free products, discover tasty and innovative dishes.

It's the perfect gift to clean up your eating habits. Order burgers, salads or pastries that also tend towards zero waste. The meal box also contains natural drinks to quench your thirst after tasting an ecological meal. You can order from vegan or vegetarian restaurants and have them deliver to your home.

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In addition to these different gifts, you can also offer a DIY kit, jewelry made from waste or recycling courses. Take into account your budget as well as the desires of your entourage in your zero waste choice.

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