Noa Khamallah explains how electric bikes can help the environment?

The coronavirus outbreak has forced countries to go into a state of emergency. It forced people to stay home. Second, the progress that the climate has shown is worth mentioning. The release of CO2 has decreased; the air around us, which was toxic to breathe, is now safe. According to Noa Khamallahs, the electric bikes can become one of the solutions to help our nature to survive.

Switch to electric vehicles

The electric bikes can become one of the solutions to help our nature to survive. Many bikes are zero-emission vehicles that cost our planet nothing. You can choose from hundreds of electric bikes and take a step forward in contributing to our planet's well-being in style.

Electric vehicles - a benefit to nature

Electric bikes have a multitude of advantages over conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles. Let's take a look at some of them.

No more harmful emissions according to Noa Khamallah

When you prefer to ride with a electric vehicleYou choose to reduce your carbon footprint.

For Noa KhamallahElectric bikes operate differently than other conventional vehicles that run on fuels. Electric bikes are considered zero-emission vehicles that use batteries to operate and avoid harmful emissions.

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Use of renewable energy

The batteries of electric bikes can be recharged using renewable energy. It's as easy as charging your smartphones. Plug it in, turn it on and go. The next day, you're ready to use it. By using renewable energy to charge your electric vehicles (EVs), greenhouse gas emissions are further reduced. Plus, solar photovoltaic systems and green energy work great for charging.

Long life batteries

The batteries used in electric bikes are similar to those used in cars and are easily replaceable and disposable. These batteries are lithium-ion, which does not contain lead. Therefore, they do not harm the environment. Using batteries to enjoy an exciting ride produces little waste, lasts a long time and is replaced after many years.

Less damage on the roads

Electric bicycles are lighter than other heavy means of transportation such as buses, trucks, etc. Therefore, they avoid damaging the roads. When heavy vehicles damage the roads, high emission machines are used to repair them, which increases pollution and can harm the environment. Therefore, by using electric vehicles (EVs), you will help reduce this damage.

Electric vehicles encourage savings

Less expensive to maintain

Electric bikes are affordable and are perfect for everyday use with very little maintenance. Electric vehicles run on batteries. This means they have fewer moving parts, which reduces maintenance costs. You'll pay for low maintenance. You won't spend money on repairs to radiators, mufflers, motors, etc.

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Less expensive to use

Half of citizens are concerned about rising gasoline and diesel prices. Why not get rid of this concern for good? Electric two-wheelers are the best and most affordable for your pockets. An electric bike can travel up to 100 km on a single charge and costs you only 25 paise per km. If needed, you can use the handy calculators available on the internet to calculate your savings.

The icing on the cake

As an owner of an electric vehicle, you benefit from another saving: you are exempt from paying registration or any other stamp duty. No license, no registration, and environmentally friendly, how about some good news?

The high performance electric bike model is one of the most anticipated in our series. The bike requires all the required documents as it is as good as any gasoline bike on the market.

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