Advantages of natural coir doormats

By opting for coir, a renewable and biodegradable natural fiber, you protect the environment.

Coconut fiber mats are very popular, and not without reason. Here are the many advantages:

  • Hygienic and economical

These doormats made of natural coconut fibers are in fact real hygiene accessories that retain the dirt and waste that clings to the soles of shoes. They are generally placed at the entrance of a house or a building although they can be placed everywhere! Natural coir mats are also an economical solution for businesses.

  • Wear resistance

The coir mat is a product made from a vegetable material well known for its resistance to time. The coconut fibers, from the husk that surrounds the coconut, have been used for a long time to make the ropes of boats. You can therefore count on this very resistant and rot-proof material to last for several years without changing your mat. It can therefore be installed in rooms with high traffic, such as a living room or an entrance hall, but also in the garage, the kitchen.

  • Easy to maintain

The coir doormat does not "absorb" dust and is therefore very difficult to dirty. It is enough to vacuum and then possibly use a good quality of soap and rub it lightly, moreover doormat in coconut fiber is also known for its properties of fast drying. You can also clean it thoroughly by making a "dry shampoo" with earth of Sommières or baking soda.

  • Fight against bacteria
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Bacteria will quickly flee from the coir mat and it also has anti-static properties. In addition, thanks to its antibacterial properties and the fact that it does not retain dust, natural coconut fibers are also ideal in a bedroom or bathroom.

  • Very aesthetic

The classic and unique colors of the coconut fiber give it a special charm. It is the perfect mat for any room in your home, no matter how it is decorated, it is a product that suits all interiors, contemporary or not.

What is coconut fiber?

The origin of the coconut comes mainly from Southeast Asia as well as India and Sri Lanka. The scientific name of the coconut is "Cocos nucifera" belonging to the palm family (Arecaceae). The coconut is protected by a natural vegetable fiber called the husk, which covers the fruit up to 4 cm.

Almost every part of the coconut tree and fruit is usable and what makes coir fiber resistant to mold and decay is the lignin, a component that gives waterproofness and great resistance to plants. Lignin makes up about 46% of the weight of the coir fiber, making it the strongest and most durable natural fiber without the need for any chemical treatment  

It is thus thanks to its resistant and durable properties that the mats and doormats made of coconut fiber are so widespread. It is also an ecological way to maintain one's house and it allows the craftsmen who make them to subsist.

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We hope that reading this article will make you think about your options for purchasing a future doormat that will be perfect for your entryway. The coco mat is here to stay and the planet says thank you!

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