Are disposable dishes compatible with an ecological approach?

Art of the table rhymes today with disposableIt's a great way to serve food, especially for a birthday party or a small reception with friends, where no one wants to have to do the dishes. Champagne flutes have been replaced by glasses made of single-use plastic and various kinds of hydrocarbon-based cutlery. However, there are nowadays low-cost alternativesfor both catering professionals than for individuals who want to reduce their environmental impact

The different types of ecological disposable tableware 

Disposable tableware for individuals

Children's birthday party, cocktail, picnic ... Today, the tableware cheap ecological disposable is not only a range of products intended for the catering trade. The professionals of the take-away sales gain a lot, but the private individuals can also have behaviors eco-responsible. Even if the paper plates or disposable cutlery are "forgotten" in nature, they turn into compost after a few weeks. This is not the case for a clear plastic glass which can remain almost intact for hundreds of years. 

The cheap ecological disposable tableware for catering professionals

For Read more on the cheap ecological disposable tablewareYou should take a look at the range of products that can be seen in a " disposable store "that respects itself. Normally, the professionals of the fast food will find what they are looking for:

  • Different shapes of plates and meal trays
  • Tumbler and glass
  • Salad bowl ...
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Some are reusable, while others are disposable. This means that a wholesaler can also offer food packaging for those who do take-away, such as trays, paper napkins... And everything helps to eliminate all kinds of plastic waste at low price

Tableware and ecological disposable tableware cheap

It is not because we use forks and paper plates for a reception that one is stingy. Some people use paper cups instead of wine glasses or coffee cups. On a birthday table, you can put utensils made of ecological materials that allow a elegant table decorationwith firsts like : 

  • Corn starch, to make biodegradable plastic
  • Dried palm leaves, to make dishes and plates
  • Sugar cane, for the trays
  • Bamboo for straw or cutlery

Where can you buy disposable tableware and packaging for caterers and restaurants?

If you have finally decided to start your own business, after reading these tips, the following lines should interest you... Indeed, with more and more catering professionals, such as caterers, or restaurants, who want buy disposable tableware and personalized packaging, this market is currently booming. To find out for yourself, simply visit this online sales site, where a wholesaler of professional packaging offers for sale an impressive number of products for suppliers, restaurants, or caterers.

So whether you need customize kraft bags for take-out orders, dessert jars that showcase your delicious recipe, or cups, you're bound to find the packaging you need. Whether you want to turn to recyclable or non-recyclable packaging, as a foodservice professional you'll have no choice but to find a cost-saving opportunity with a packaging wholesaler You just have to place your order!

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The advantage of cheap ecological disposable tableware for take-away 

Ecological disposable tableware to convey brand image

While clear plastic trays were a trend in the take-out world and among fast-food professionals, they were quickly seen as cheap. If you are still using them, even though you are in the food business, you are missing a great opportunity to show the public who you are. With the ecological disposable tableware cheap, you have a real showcase for your business. The recyclable plates and cups that accompany your meals can be printed with your logo. 

Make customers aware of the ecological approach

There are consumers who are already making a lot of effort to reduce their environmental impactespecially in terms of plastic waste. Packing food products or doing home delivery for meals, using a compostable packagingIt is a selling point that can attract this niche. On the other hand, it can also sensitize other customers, showing them that an ecological approach is quite possible, and that a world without plastic is quite possible. 

Stand out from the competition with its ecological approach

The use of disposable tableware and biodegradable food packaging also makes it possible to stand out from the competition. Indeed, the food industrialist, takeaway and fast food are activities that generate a lot of plastic waste in everyone's garbage can. By offering services and a whole range of products that fit in with a lifestyle zero wasteWith biodegradable cutlery and trays, a company can stand out from its competitors. Biodegradable cutlery and trays are not only good for the environment, but also for your company's bottom line. It's a strategy that sells. 

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