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High-end women's shoes

choose high-end boots

The Jonak brand is one of the largest shoe sales houses. It was founded by the couple Marcel and Josette Nakam and the name of the brand comes from the fusion of the first name of the woman and ...

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Discover Minelli boots and booties

minelli logo

Chelsea boots, lace-up boots, heeled boots, sixties-inspired boots or big mountain boots, as well as boots for men are multiple in the Minelli collection and there is something for everyone. Easy to wear, ...

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Do you know the transparent polar tights?

polar tights

Sheer fleece tights are the answer to the cold and the fact that you can't wear your pretty skirts and dresses in the middle of winter. Made with warm translucent fleece, they offer unparalleled comfort and warmth. Super elastic ...

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How to take your blood pressure without a device?

measure your blood pressure

Measuring your blood pressure may be a necessity for some people or under certain circumstances. It is a very important health indicator because it represents the pressure exerted by the blood in the blood vessels. Unfortunately it can happen that ...

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Broken toe? Ouch... how long does it take to heal?

broken toe

It is estimated that it takes about six to eight weeks for the toe to heal completely. This can seem like an eternity, especially if you are an athlete or have a busy schedule. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to reduce the time it takes to heal your toe.

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9 tips to get a flat stomach

find a flat stomach

In these beautiful days when wearing light clothes and other swimsuits is the order of the day, many of you want to find a nice flat stomach. But did you know that storing excess weight in your stomach and waistline can lead to ...

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What should I eat before and after sports?

food before sport

Whether you're a professional athlete looking to improve your performance or a novice just looking to stay in shape, your diet plays an essential role in your physical activity and the benefits that you receive from it can ...

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How to choose a pillow to sleep well

choose your pillow well

While we generally take a special interest in choosing our bed, the choice of our pillow is often made in haste. However, the quality of our sleep depends as much on this small piece of bedding as on the ...

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How to sleep better with food supplements?

food supplements insomnia

Insomnia affects many people and can have various causes. Fortunately, there are several solutions to remedy it, including food supplements. Some of these supplements are very effective in helping you sleep better and fight against insomnia.

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How to use CBD?

cbd oil

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the second cannabinoid to be isolated and studied after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive drug in marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD is not addictive or psychoactive. By consuming CBD products, you will be able to ...

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Medical prescriptions: validity and renewal

duration of order

A prescription is a document that allows you to obtain medication from a pharmacy. It is also an essential part of the French health care system, as it allows patients to consult specialists or undergo medical examinations. However, it is not always easy to obtain a prescription.

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10 tips to get rid of bad breath

cure breath

Having bad breath is unpleasant for oneself as well as for the people around you. Not to mention that it is very embarrassing and awkward to discover in the reactions and looks of others that you have an unpleasant smell. Fortunately, ...

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Successful cooking of rice

cooking rice

There are about as many ways to cook rice as there are varieties... and cooks! Creole or pilaf, steamed or cooked: depending on your tastes and the recipe you are planning, ...

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When to have breakfast, lunch and dinner


When we are concerned about our health, and even more so about our weight, we are usually obsessed with the quality and quantity of food to eat. But what about the best time to eat? Chrononutrition is the answer...

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