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Le Monoï de Tahiti : quand évasion rime avec hydratation

145822mono pour hydrater sa peau0fae2a

De nos jours, de nombreux produits de soin pour la peau et les cheveux contiennent des ingrédients naturels, tels que le Monoï de Tahiti. Utilisé depuis des siècles, il est aujourd’hui présent dans de multiples produits de beauté et certaines marques n’hésitent plus …

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Shoes from the '20s: a return to retro

women's shoes 20s flat firm 2 0 4490

For some, the '20s conjure up images of Gatsby The Magnificent with extravagant parties and daring outfits. While this may be partly true, it's worth noting that the reality of the era is a ...

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How to achieve a hairstyle with false bangs?

hairstyle with false bangs

There are so many ways we can play with our hair to change our style. Today, we're going to talk about false bangs, a hairstyling trick that's gaining in popularity. Whether you want to change your look without going through the ...

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Ultrasonic rhinoplasty (nose surgery)

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is one of the most widely performed aesthetic procedures in the world. It aims to improve the appearance of the nose by modifying its size, shape and/or contours. Recently, a revolutionary new technique, rhinoplasty ...

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Managing a postoperative hematoma

postoperative hematoma

A post-operative hematoma is an accumulation of blood in the tissues following surgery. It usually results from a vascular lesion that was not properly controlled during the operation. Hematomas can vary in size and severity, with some ...

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How to relieve breast engorgement?

breast engorgement

Women who are breastfeeding may experience problems with breast engorgement. Breasts become sore and swollen and milk production may be affected. What is breast engorgement? Breast engorgement is a common problem in women who are breastfeeding.

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35 surprising things you don't know about your body

Flexibility of the human body.

From medical articles to numerous documentaries on the human body, we are all convinced that we are well informed about our biology and its history... But have we really gone through the many mysteries that our body conceals? The complexity of our body ...

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The new make-up trends in 2023

The new make-up trends for 2021

With the return of the beautiful days, we want light make-up, but which emphasize well its assets.

And besides, the makeup trend for spring-summer 2021 is glowy, rather bright, but without overloading. Thus, heavy materials will be reserved for later, as well as matte effects for that matter.

For the beautiful seasons, we like to choose make-up in peach tones that resist well to the heat.

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8 tips to keep your skin young and firm

keep a beautiful skin

No one will tell you otherwise, having a beautiful skin is a real charm and seduction asset. Unfortunately, as the years go by, the effects of time can be felt, and the skin is no longer as firm or radiant as it once was...

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10 rules to follow to have beautiful hair

Beautiful mid adult woman with long blond hair in garden

Who wouldn't like to have beautiful hair? We all want to have smooth, shiny and healthy hair, because it is obvious that hair plays an important role in the appearance and personality that we give off. For some people ...

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High-end women's shoes

choose high-end boots

The Jonak brand is one of the largest shoe sales houses. It was founded by the couple Marcel and Josette Nakam and the name of the brand comes from the fusion of the first name of the woman and ...

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Discover Minelli boots and booties

minelli logo

Chelsea boots, lace-up boots, heeled boots, sixties-inspired boots or big mountain boots, as well as boots for men are multiple in the Minelli collection and there is something for everyone. Easy to wear, ...

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