10 good eating habits to keep your figure and be healthy

In order to keep your figure while staying healthy, it is important to avoid going through phases of weight gain followed by phases of extreme restrictions and potentially dangerous diets. Because, as you can guess, play yo-yo with your weight is bad for your health. It is therefore preferable to find a balance, which is good for your figure and your health, by adopting good eating habits. Here are some tips that will help you achieve this, delivered through 11 points:

1. Follow the 80/20 rule

The principle is to have a healthy diet at 80 % and to keep a small 20 % for food deviations and to treat yourself from time to time. This will limit the frustrations of eating too much. The 80/20 rule can also be applied in the following way: eat only 80 % of the usual ration. This means that you should stop eating before you are completely full. This will allow you to  keep your figure more easilyby making a small effort that is still very reasonable.

2. Limit sugar and salt intake

Reducing industrial sugar in your diet is a good way to keep your figure and stay healthy. To get there, eat more fruit and less processed foods. You can also replace sugar with natural sweeteners such as Stevia or Agave syrup. As with sugar, it is advisable to limit salt consumption. On the one hand, salt is responsible for water retention problems and can lead to problems of cellulite. On the other hand, eating salty food stimulates the appetite, as you can see with appetizers that often contain a high level of salt.

3. Eat almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts regularly

Almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are what we call "miracle foods".. Several scientific studies have demonstrated their benefits. Consuming them regularly reduces your risk of dying prematurely (young) by 20%, protects you against cardiovascular disease (heart), type 2 diabetes, respiratory diseases and cancers.

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Almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are also excellent appetite suppressantsThis makes them a great choice for snacks and to quell cravings.

4. Favour fish and lean meats

Did you know that the fattest fish you can find is still the one that you can eat? even less fatty than any meat ? In addition, the little fat present in fish, known as Omega 3It is very good for your health. However, to vary your diet and eat a little meat alongside fish, choose lean white meats (chicken, turkey without skin) which are less fatty than red meats.

5. Chew well and know how to stop before satiety

It is more difficult to feel full and satisfy your hunger when you do not chew your food enough. In addition, it does not help the stomach to digest and break down the food. The starches for example (bread(e.g., potatoes) are pre-digested by saliva and then transmitted to the stomach for the next stage of digestion. If you don't take the time to chew properly and swallow whole, the saliva can't do its job properly. This results in digestive disorders and stomach heaviness. To keep your figure, you must give your body the means to better process the satiety signal, by eating slowly and taking the time to chew your food well. This is also why we recommend eating in a quiet environment and avoiding watching television!

6. Limit fatty foods (bad fats)

Choose steamed potatoes, or mashed potatoes, over French fries or potato chips. In both cases you get the taste of the potato and its nutrients without the bad fat and excess calories. Also, it is better to eat a filet of sole than a fried fish. The accumulation of bad fats in your body, can not only lead to problems of overweight, but it leads, in the long term, to very serious health problems: bad cholesterol, venous and vascular problems, heart risks, obesity ...

7. Drink water at the right time

Water is life! It hydrates the body, eliminates toxins, and it also has the advantage of calming the stomach and preventing small hungers between meals. Ideally, we should all drink 1 to 1.5 liters of water per day (4 to 6 glasses of water). But it must be done at the right time. It is better to drink before or during your meals. On the other hand, It is not recommended to drink water within 20 minutes of finishing a meal. This is to avoid diluting the gastric juices and slowing down the digestion process. You should also know that drinking one or two glasses of water before sitting down at the table helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and avoid eating more than necessary.

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8. Fill up on fruits and vegetables

I don't suppose we can teach you anything about this, but a little reminder doesn't hurt! To be healthy, you need to eat fruits and vegetables. Fill up on fruits and vegetables! Fruits and vegetables, by their contribution in fibers and vitamins, reduce the risk of developing certain cancers - including colorectal cancer - while allowing for limit the risk of being overweight.

9. Plan and prepare meals in advance

To eat well, and to eat healthy as often as possible, good organization is essential. Indeed, you are more likely to make gaps and neglect your diet when you have no idea what you are going to eat, when you are hungry, and when everything looks appetizing. Learn to cookBuy large quantities of fruits and vegetables, prepare your meals in advance and store them in the freezer. You will save money and be much healthier. Several scientific studies have shown that cooking and investing time in the preparation of your meals allows you to eat healthier, be healthier and keep in line.

10. Shopping on a full stomach

By shopping on a full stomach, you will be less prone to compulsive buyingIt is also a good idea to go shopping on an empty stomach, which is the best way to avoid the risk of overeating and overeating. Going shopping on an empty stomach is also the best way to to explode its budget and buy everything except what you need when you walk through the door of a store or supermarket.

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