5 ideas to personalize your wedding reception!

Your wedding reception is your chance to throw a fantastic party for you and your guests and it is very popular to include the "personal touch" in your decorations.

Many couples have a theme or color scheme that is incorporated into the day through subtle accents such as flowers, seat covers, wedding stationery and bridesmaids and even your menu choices.

Make an exceptional decoration

There are many ways to decorate your wedding reception. There can be a beautiful focal point of the room that you can focus on and also include your flowersThis can be as simple as having columns in the room with ivy, lights and some of your wedding flowers attached or it could be as simple as tying ribbon around the napkins on the tables in your color scheme.

Add small wedding pillows on your tables and on the buffet table if there is one, this item is a trend gas pedal. It will support the style you have set up for your reception.

Playing with lighting

If you don't have time to make pieces yourself, try to focus on the light, as it is an essential part of your wedding decoration and wedding photos. You can place candles almost everywhere, on the reception tables to enhance the atmosphere, hang paper lanterns and hang light from the ceiling. You can even add light installations, such as wooden or metal party signs with letters that can be your initials or a meaningful word, symbolizing you and your partner: Dance, Rock, Mr & Mrs

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Reception stationery

If you want to give your reception a personal touch, why not make your own menus or table runner? Many couples have a theme in their stationery. For example, one couple got engaged in New York City so they had their color scheme in black and white, their reception tables were named after famous New York City landmarks and the seating chart included images of those landmarks. It was a nice touch, as all of the guests knew they got engaged in New York and enjoyed the theme. Another couple enjoyed their candy so much that they incorporated it into their day by having candy images printed on their stationery, naming the tables after different candies and placing a bowl of candy on each table for favors. If you don't have a specific theme, that doesn't mean your reception can't be personalized, but you can still do it by using your color scheme on all items, including your wedding cake!

Having Favors

A popular way to personalize a wedding reception is through favors. There have been many couples who have made their own favors, such as making men into bread spice on their bonfire theme or mulled wine when their wedding was during the winter.

If you prefer, you can provide small bags of lavender or bath products (you can even make your own bath bombs).

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The Flowers

Have your maid of honor, best friend or even your mom create the bridal bouquet for you. They can then deliver it to you on the morning of your wedding, giving your bouquet a sentimental and emotional dimension. You can even ask your groom to take care of your bouquet as a very special way to add his participation to your beautiful final look.

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