How to attract a man without even saying a word?

Seduction is an art. But you should know that words are not the only assets in your pocket to seduce a man. They are even sometimes too much, while suggestion is much more effective. So, how to attract a man with his body language?

Tips to seduce a man!

Between attitude, gestures and posture, you have many keys to bring a man to your feet. We'll teach you how to use your natural gifts to seduce, without saying too much. It's up to you to keep the mystery alive!

Learn how to behave

And yes, having a correct dress is very seductive! Indeed, having a straight back, a raised chin and straight shoulders, it seduces many people. Not only does it give you an air of self-confidence that will make heads rise on your way, but it also makes you unique with your own walk.

So work on your gait. Sit gracefully and discreetly. Because who says to be well held, does not say as much provocative attitude. On the contrary, work on fluid and discreet gestures while remaining classy. Cross your legs delicately for example during your appointment, that always pleases the men!

Stay natural and relaxed

It is important to remain open, natural and relaxed when you want to seduce. Therefore, avoid adopting a closed or too shy attitude. This may deter more than one suitor.

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Instead, work on your attitude to break down barriers and look welcoming and cheerful. This will make you much more attractive and make people want to come to you!

Keep smiling

A cheerful woman is always more attractive than a closed one. So, don't hesitate to put on your best smile, it will be a hit. Add a touch of shyness and you have the perfect ingredient to make men fall in love with you.

Because a smiling and relaxed woman is good, but it is better to avoid appearing too sure of yourself, at the risk of scaring away some impressionable men.

Play with your hair

It's a trick as old as time, but it works every time! While men tend to touch their chin or cheeks to seduce, women attract attention by touching their hair.

It is originally a natural reflex. But it can also be worked on a little to become an asset in seduction. So, on your next date, think of loosening your hair and play discreetly with a rebellious lock!

Perfume yourself

Smelling good is essential to seduce! But not a strong, heady perfume. No, think of putting on a luxurious, fresh and subtle perfume. With this delicate scent, you are sure to attract the coveted man. This sweet smell will not only stay in his head, but he will want to nestle in the back of your neck to soak it up.

So, get out your best perfume. Put a drop on your neck, another in your hair which will disperse the scent even better, and finally one on your wrists.

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Use your eyes

Even if you feel intimidated, don't shy away from men. If you like a man, watch him discreetly until he notices you. Then deftly look away like the fake shy person you are.

Play this way for a few moments, then learn to hold his gaze for a few seconds. You can be sure that after a while your suitor will gain confidence and dare to make the first move by offering you a drink.

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