Do you know the transparent polar tights?

The transparent polar tights come to remedy the cold and the fact of not being able to wear your pretty skirts and dresses in full winter. 

Made with warm translucent fleece, they offer unparalleled comfort and warmth. Super stretchy and lightweight, fleece tights don't add bulk when worn alone or under clothing, allowing you to move without restriction.

Not only are they fashionable, but they go with all kinds of outfits. Discover their characteristics, their particularities, their marketing targets.

Polar tights ? what are they ?

The transparent fleece tights are lined with cotton and fleeceSoft and elastic material for optimal comfort and very soft inside. However, for more comfort in the shoe, the tights are not lined with fleece at the foot. This way, your feet do not get too hot and you can choose to add a sock or not depending on the shoes you wear.

For its cold wash, hand washing is always the best option to keep your clothes untacky and sticky for as long as possible. However, the tights are also machine washable at 30°..

The women's fleece tights also have a stylish look with classic colors to accompany dresses, skirts, boots, high heels ... In cold weather, you can wear a dress or your fleece tights under your pants.

Particularity of the polar tights

The particularity of these polar tights is thatthey have the appearance of ordinary tightsbut with more comfort and protection against cold. Although translucent, it is lined with fleece inside. So you can wear your dress even in winter, even if the temperature drops to -10°C. Its fleece interior maintains excellent protection against the cold and an excellent body temperature. It also regulates the heat balance between the upper and lower body.

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The polar tights are made from the second generation of microfiber with a mixture of elastane. It is a major innovation in the world of textiles expected. Some even consider it a miracle addition to the protection against heat. Fleece tights are indeed very flexiblebut also very comfortable. Thanks to their finesseThey will be like a second skin under your clothes.

transparent polar tights
transparent polar tights

When to wear transparent polar tights?

The fleece tights have the advantage of being adaptable to all situations. They can be worn for an outing in the mountains or anywhere in winter. Providing the warmth you need, they will protect you when you are out and about or comfortably installed at home.

It is also suitable under a ski suit, jeans and even for jogging. You can easily wear them for sports training or bike rides. It is good to keep warm by all means in winter.

Fleece tights are also worn on special occasions such as christenings, birthdays and other important celebrations and events.

If you're used to stopping outdoor sports when it's too cold, you can try fleece tights.

Who are the polar tights for?

The polar tights are for all women without exception. Whatever your size, this accessory is essential to face the cold of winter. They allow you to keep your elegance while putting on your dresses and skirts.

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The drop in temperature is no longer an obstacle to looking good. Fleece tights are available for all types of women: young girls, mothers, city dwellers, etc.

The tights, very resistantThey are also suitable for those who have to wait outside to take the subway or bus. Avant-garde or not, combining efficiency and comfortThese accessories will be one of your best fashion assets. Moreover, as it is not thin, it is more resistant than classic tights.

How to choose your fleece tights

The diversity of taste and the multiplicity of types of polar tights can put you in a quandary of choice. To avoid this kind of situation, it is important to have certain information. For example, size is very important when buying polar tights, as it is when buying other items such as shoes, underwear, etc.

 In order not to make a mistake in the choice, choose the same size as your clothes. However, to be really sure you are not mistaken, you can use an online simulator to make your choice. This kind of site is designed to take information about your height, weight and other headings in boxes intended for this purpose.

Video: test of polar tights

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