What is the ecological impact of disposable diapers?

You are a young parent and you want to adopt a green lifestyle? It can be a real challenge with a little one who generates a lot of waste despite himself!

Advantages and disadvantages of disposable diapers!

In practice, a child wears between 3,000 and 5,000 diapers during his early childhood. This is huge and represents a lot of waste! So how can we make sure that these single-use diapers pollute as little as possible? We list the advantages and disadvantages of disposable diapers on the environment!

Less and less polluting diapers

Many brands offering ecological and committed diapers have just arrived on the market. Faced with the health concerns related to the composition of diapers, young brands are positioning themselves and offering healthy products that do not pollute the environment.

Indeed, during a study conducted by the Health Agency, it was shown that many brands offer diapers containing pesticides and endocrine disruptors beyond the accepted health threshold. In addition to the pollution they cause, these diapers are also dangerous in the short and long term for baby's health.

For thediaper subscription for the little cheeky ones For example, the brand carefully selects the components of their products, and offers a high percentage of biodegradable materials.

Therefore, they use responsible and sustainable sources for their production of disposable diapers. Thus, corn, wood or cotton are preferred materials by these committed producers.

Diapers that take care of baby's health

The main concern of parents is the health of their child. Faced with the health scandal, it has become important to choose the right brand of diapers for your baby.

Because a diaper can have an immediate impact on baby's health, as in the case of simple allergies. But also more distantly, because of certain carcinogenic components detected in many current brands.

By using natural raw materials, we not only take care of baby, but we also considerably reduce our impact on the planet. Goodbye plastic, latex, synthetic perfume and pesticides!

A fair price

Contrary to what one might think at first glance, ecological diapers are not more expensive than supermarket products. Although natural and noble materials are emphasized, their cost is not exorbitant.

Indeed, ecological diapers are generally produced in a short circuit. Thus, we save on transportation. Moreover, a subscription with a decreasing price is often proposed to young parents. It has the double advantage of freeing the mental load linked to the arrival of a baby and saving on the quantity ordered each month.

Mainly biodegradable diapers

Let's be honest, a diaper can't be 100% biodegradable today. Even if natural products are promoted by committed brands, some elements remain polluting. Diapers are therefore household waste to be considered.

However, for those who consider cloth diapers as a good ecological alternative, you should know that the maintenance of these diapers requires an important water consumption. Therefore, they are not necessarily less polluting than disposable diapers.

Thus, ecological diapers are a very interesting option when you are committed to the environment and want to take care of your child's health in the short and long term. This eco-friendly production perfectly adheres to the problems of parents concerned about their waste.

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