Anti-mite bedding cover buying guide

The anti-dust mite cover is a hygienic bedding protection that protects us from dust mites, dust, bed bugs and bacteria. Unlike common bedding covers, those with anti-dust mite treatment are able to protect our body from the attack of these tiny annoying insects that nest in fabrics and move on clothes. Let's see how to choose it and which are the best certified anti dust mite bedding covers that are more effective against dust mites, dust and bacteria, to protect your bedding and sleep better

A health ally

The anti mite cover is essential for people with allergies or asthma, but it is a useful protection for the whole family. Fabrics tend to retain dust, where dust mites responsible for many ailments, itching allergies hide. Dust mites feed on the skin and on the skin's surface. hair This is why bedding and mattresses are fertile ground. Even with a good removable mattress, it is normal that washing is not frequent, because removing, washing, drying and replacing the bedding cover is by no means a simple operation.

How to choose a good anti-mite bedding cover?

Let's take a look at the main features to evaluate when choosing a anti mite bedding cover.

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Structure of the cover

The anti-mite bedding cover can be a simple cover that covers the upper part of the bedding and must be attached to the net with laces or strips. In other cases, it can be a complete cover for the bedding closed with special hinges. The upper straw of the bedding cover, the one that will be in contact with the body, is usually cotton. The lower part in contact with the mattress can be made of sponge or cotton or have a layer of waterproof madeira that guarantees the protection of the mattress in case of urine. This type of bedding cover is very useful in long hospital stays or in mattress covers for children.


Among the most used materials, we find cotton, soft to the skin and anti-allergic. In addition to the classic terry or cotton bed covers, we find different materials like polyurethane and polyester microfiber. The reason is that synthetic materials can be designed with denser textures than cotton to ensure greater resistance to dust mites without having to apply other treatments. At the same time, these fibers are breathable and prevent moisture and perspiration.

Medical devices and certifications

The anti mite bedding cover for medical devices is equipped with a special certification. This is essential when we are dealing with allergy sufferers as it allows us to choose the best anti-dust mite bedding cover in complete safety. The CE mark with the "medical device" stamp guarantees the quality and traceability of the materials and the conformity of the production process. In cases where the mattress protector is prescribed by the doctor, the certified mattress protector can be deducted as a health expense.

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