A Guide to Helping Your Baby Sleep Well

Birth, that wonderful moment, is unfortunately followed by many sleepless nights. If the specialists say that the infant sleeps 20 hours a day, the parents will have the impression that the baby never sleeps. The parents will do everything to calm and put the baby to sleep during the night. Hoping to be able to sleep in turn, even if only for 4 hours. The only way to proceed is however simple, it is necessary to help the infant to make its nights. Our advice!

What you need to understand about baby's sleep

After birth, parents spend their nights rocking the baby, buttoning and unbuttoning the baby's pajamas to regulate the temperature. It seems like the sleepless nights will never end. However, you should know that a baby's sleep pattern is constantly changing.

Up to three months: babies don't know when it's day and when it's night. They usually think night is day. So most infants are awake at night and sleep during the day, putting a strain on parents. At this age, they sleep about 20 hours a day but wake up every two hours. 

Three to six months: babies sleep 14 hours a day. They start to sleep a little bit during the night. They wake up often but a little less than before. 

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From six months to one year: the baby sleeps almost like an adult, his sleep lasts 12 hours per day. He needs you to sleep, often checking during the night that you are there. But the waking up and screaming in the middle of the night are now behind you. 

What to do to help your baby sleep peacefully

It is during the first few months that you need to use a few techniques to be able to rest. Spending three months of sleepless nights is not at all possible. Discover these little tips. If they didn't walk every day, they would walk at least three nights a week.

Be patient

Be patient. Tell yourself that this is a temporary period and that the baby will sleep through the night eventually.

Help the child distinguish between day and night

Give the infant cues so he or she can tell if it's night or day. At night, turn off the lights, don't make noises, etc. During the day, open the windows and turn on the radio. The goal is to help your baby know that nighttime is for rest.

Let your baby fall asleep on his own as soon as possible

Co-sleeping should be avoided if you want your child to sleep through the night quickly. Let the child sleep alone as soon as possible. As soon as he yawns and his eyes start to fall out, put him in his bed with all the safety devices. And let him sleep alone. 

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Let the child sleep in good conditions

Provide your baby with all the conditions for a peaceful sleep. A comfortable bed, baby pajamas, a safe and peaceful environment, etc.

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