Damaged hair: repairing care

The hair fiber never keeps its original structure and quality, because the hair Hair is getting more and more damaged every day due to environmental and chemical aggressions. To repair hair, a visit to the hairdresser is often essential, in addition to daily care to nourish and moisturize it.

​​​​​​​Why and when to cut damaged hair?

Dry ends, brittle hair and split ends signal the time for a cut. A hair routine with suitable products is not always enough to remove all these unsightly and difficult, if not impossible, signs. In the case of split ends, for example, the hair shaft can no longer be glued back together. Dry ends can be treated, depending on the intensity of the dehydration.

​​​​​​​Nourishing the hair: the essential gestures

Damaged hair is dry and unruly. It must be nourished with rich care products, including masks with vegetable oils. Products should combine two main actions: grease and moisturize. A leave-in hair serum, which is more concentrated than a shampoo or conditioner, helps to achieve the desired results more quickly. This treatment helps to style hair more easily while stimulating regrowth after the cut. 

A vegetable oil bath not only repairs damaged hair fiber, but also deeply nourishes the scalp. The skin layer must maintain its ability to drain impurities that choke the hair at the root. The oil bath is part of the hair detox to remove toxins, normalize blood circulation and cleanse the hair follicle. Vegetable oils such as coconut oil should be applied before shampooing to increase the shine and softness of the hair.

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​​​​​​​How can I avoid damaging my hair?

An aggressive hair routine damages the hair. It is important to limit or even abandon overly chemical habits. A bleaching or a coloring too frequent, prolonged exposure to the sun without protection and the use of thermal styling appliances too closely will have an impact on the health of the hair at one time or another.

Detangling is a step that is often neglected, as we often brush our hair too intensively. To avoid knots and rough hair, use gentle, moisturizing, detangling and nourishing products. The mask is another essential element of a well done hair routine. This treatment is essential, but each hair type has its own ideal product. Some masks will nourish the internal structure of the hair fiber, while others will restore volume to the hair, purify the scalp or fight against dull hair.

Foods are a gold mine for keeping hair healthy all year round, despite the changing climate. Foods rich in Omega 3, for example, contain protein, iron and vitamin B to prevent dryness. These nutrients are found in large quantities in salmon. Brittle hair needs to be strengthened with the help of zinc and vitamin B8 found in eggs, olive oil and almonds.

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