Temporary hair loss: 4 effective solutions to slow it down

Hair loss is a normal phenomenon. On average, a person loses between 50 and 100 hairs per day. If this loss is more significant, i.e. more than 100 hairs, we speak of temporary alopecia. Several reasons can be the cause. It can be stress, extreme fatigue, nutritional imbalance, the change of season, a hormonal disorder, an illness or a pregnancy. Whatever the case, you should know that solutions exist. Here are 4 of them that will help you stop hair loss and promote hair growth.

Use organic cosmetics

To reduce the risk of hair loss, you can protect your hair by using organic cosmetics. Depending on the type of hair you have, there are various treatments available on the market. The "tokio inkarami shampoo" is among others a treatment of choice. Moreover, it is suitable for all hair types (dry, oily, straight, curly, frizzy). It is a cleansing treatment with a multitude of elements that protect your hair, promote its hydration and boost their growth.

Adopt a good diet

Because the health of your hair begins on your plate, fight against temporary hair loss by focusing on a good diet for healthy and beautiful hair. Foods rich in iron (red meat, beets, lentils, herbs, etc.), zinc (pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, seafood, etc.), and omega 3 (salmon, flaxseed oil, etc.).

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Also focus on those that provide a lot of protein (soy, dairy products, oilseeds, legumes, fish, etc.), vitamins A and C (carrots, kiwis, oranges, lemons, etc.) and B vitamins (grains, mushrooms, poultry, wheat germ, eggs, etc.).

Take anti-hair loss supplements

In addition to a good nutritionIf you have a hair loss problem, you can still slow down the temporary loss of your hair and stimulate regrowth by taking anti-hair loss food supplements. You can take them either as prevention or as treatment. In the first case, the treatment must be taken a few months before the period of hair loss. It is then recommended to those who have hair loss caused by a change of season.

If your hair loss is due to other reasons such as illness or hormonal imbalance, etc., we opt for the second case. This will begin as soon as the first signs of hair loss appear. However, don't forget to ask your doctor's advice before any treatment.

Massage the scalp

To get more beautiful hair healthy, you need to take care of your scalp. To do this, nothing could be easier! Massage your scalp every day for a few minutes. No need for any equipment. Your fingertips are enough to massage it. However, try not to press too hard as this could damage your scalp.

A gentle self-massage is recommended. For best results, it should be done upside down. This simple gesture stimulates microcirculation. The bulb will then receive good oxygenation and nutrition and the hair will be reborn.

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