Health : 4 medicinal plants with magical benefits

No one can measure the wealth of natural therapies. The virtues of the medicinal plants that surround us can be counted by the thousands. You can treat yourself and keep your body healthy thanks to the curative and preventive substances contained in these herbs. Discover through this article the secrets of 4 medicinal plants with incredible properties that will change your life.

1. the Aloe Vera

It appears first on the list because of its popularity and availability in the market, in gardens, in plantations. It is a plant that is grown extensively in the Mediterranean region, North Africa, Cape Verde and the Canary Islands. It is one of the oldest remedies that offer you several advantages:

  • In aesthetics, you can use it to maintain your vitality and beauty, treat blemishes, acne, skin fungus, eczema, etc. ;
  • Its fresh pulp treats ulcers heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome;
  • It is a remedy for stomach aches, digestive system disorders, etc.

Aloe Vera helps you take care of your body and your mind by extension.

2.the Artichoke

It is a plant of the Asteraceae family whose flower bud is very used for several recipes. You can detach its leaves to eat them. They are high in fiber, vitamin B9, minerals and trace elements. The artichoke, also called the heart, is mainly used as a food supplement. It is an antioxidant that brings important benefits to your health. You can consume it in capsules, tablets or infusion. Its properties rejuvenate your body and protect your organism from several diseases. Its polyphenols are involved in the fight against liver cancer and its fibers ensure the intestinal transit and fight colon cancer.

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3.the Mint

You have already heard of this plant once. Better yet, you've certainly eaten it more than once. It is an herb with many medicinal properties that can be grown in many gardens. You can also grow it at home yourself. If you suffer from insomnia, it is the ideal remedy to fight this evil. An infusion or tea with mint helps you to fight against the disorders related to the digestion. It also allows you to treat a bad breath or to improve it. If you suffer from congestion, this plant proceeds to clear the airways. It is an effective remedy for colds by inhalation.

4. garlic

It is a medicinal plant which takes the place of ingredient of kitchen. These numerous virtues are justified by the diversity of its substances. Garlic contains :

  • Vitamins A, B, C and E;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Calcium, potassium, selenium, allicin, zinc;
  • Sulfur compounds, etc.

It is an alicament which is used to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. It considerably eliminates the cholesterol level; it improves the fluidity of blood. In addition, it is an anti-cancer and a fighter of several viruses and infections. You can also consume it for a good digestion.

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