Health equipment to have in your home.

Self-diagnosis and medical teleconsultation are societal phenomena that are developing at a high speed in recent years, especially since the pandemic of the new Coronavirus Covid-19 and the containment measures imposed in many countries around the world. Thus, our team proposes you to make a small tour of the main medical devices to have at home, very useful in the establishment of a remote diagnosis (or a self-diagnosis) or in the follow-up of a pathology.

The thermometer, the number one medical device.

Essential in case of health problems, the thermometer for taking temperature is the medical device n°1 to have at home. Indeed, in case of illness, fever remains the main symptom to evaluate. Whether high or moderate, a higher than normal temperature is always an indicator of an infectious fight by the body and requires careful and appropriate monitoring. Widely used in the majority of French homes, the thermometer, whether electronic or simple, frontal, auricular or digital, has a relatively variable accuracy, but the result remains reliable. It is an inexpensive and easily accessible device. It is possible to buy it in pharmacies, online or even in supermarkets. However, it should be remembered that the marketing of mercury thermometers, which have been widely used since the 1900s, has been prohibited since July 10, 2005, following a directive from the European Parliament.

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The blood pressure monitor, necessary at any age.

Less present in French homes, because it covers a lesser spectrum of pathologies, the blood pressure monitor is nevertheless a very important health device to have at home. Contrary to popular belief, take your blood pressure is not just a problem for the elderly, debilitated or those with serious medical conditions. Blood pressure is an excellent indicator of the overall health of the human bodyIt allows to quickly highlight a health problem that may be difficult to identify, as it is sometimes completely asymptomatic. Hypotension or hypertension are also frequent medical disorders, which affect a very large part of the population, and which require an adapted follow-up. Pregnant women can also be subject to severe hypertension attacks, mainly at the end of pregnancy, which can have serious or even fatal consequences for the mother and the child. Hence the importance of having the appropriate equipment at home in case of emergency, for oneself or for a loved one.

The oximeter, a medical device in full expansion.

Much less well known, the pulse oximeter has been in the spotlight since the emergence of Covid-19, to the point of partial stock-out during the peak of the epidemic. The oximeter (or saturometer) is a medical device that measures the oxygen saturation of the blood. More broadly, it allows monitoring the proper functioning of the respiratory system, the main victim of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Blood oxygen saturation is expressed in %, and the normal value is between 95 and 100%. Below 90%, a person's condition is considered serious and emergency hospitalization should be considered. Another important point is that the oximeter, because of the way it works, can also measure the heart rate (expressed in bpm), which makes it a very useful 2-in-1 device in these times.

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