How to improve your appearance with plastic surgery?

Nowadays, plastic medicine is recognized as a fairly effective way to correct all kinds of physical defects. However, there are some specificities that should be mastered before resorting to it. Discover in this article the basics to know before undergoing a plastic surgery procedure.

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is a medical discipline that deals specifically with the skin and non-visceral tissues of the body. Its main purpose is to reconstruct or reshape a part of the body following a malformation or for various reasons. It is divided into two (2) branches: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive/repair surgery. Each of these branches has its own specificities and fields of intervention.  

What is the difference between reconstructive and cosmetic surgery?

Reconstructive surgery was born after the Second World War. Since then, this technique has been used to reconstruct and improve the appearance of people who wish to do so. It is intended to treat a pathology due to a congenital malformation such as cleft lip and lip. It also aims to restore the body's integrity following a burn, a bite or a serious accident. Patients resort to reconstructive surgery for medical reasons in a pathological context. 

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Contrary to reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery is intended for people in perfect health. It is used to embellish and significantly improve physical appearance in order to achieve psychological comfort. However, it is not always necessary, even if it is true that it has a positive impact on well-being. Not everyone is always satisfied with their appearance. It intervenes at this time to eliminate complexes and psychological suffering and allow the patient to feel better.

What are the risks of plastic surgery?

Even though plastic surgery has its advantages, it also has its risks. Because of the diversity of offers, the costs of surgery are more and more affordable for everyone. However, the wrong surgeon can be the beginning of your ordeal. There can be complications and infections during or after the operation. These can be very dangerous, even fatal.

If you live in Tunisia, for example, to prevent this from happening to you, the best solution is to have your cosmetic surgery done in Tunisia by a qualified and experienced specialist in the field.

How to choose your plastic surgeon?

Many doctors can try their hand at plastic surgery, but only a professional can truly perform a surgical procedure. For this, the choice of surgeon must be made with great care. First, it is important to make sure that the surgeon has actually obtained a university degree. Then, during the consultation, a good surgeon will have you undergo several tests. On the one hand, he will detail the procedures of the operation and the final results.

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On the other hand, he will explain the advantages, disadvantages and risks that may arise after the operation. A good surgeon will not hide anything from you. Once you have been informed, you will have the last word. The last clue to recognize a good plastic surgeon is his professional experience. In this case, you can use the testimonies of people who have already undergone a surgical experience with him by visiting his website if he has any.

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