How do you maintain your sanity after these confinements?

Covid has not spared the mental health of many people. The restrictions on going out and the spread of the virus have reinforced the feelings of isolation of some people. After these confinements, it is possible to feel lost, to no longer find your bearings. These events can even disrupt your lifestyle and your mental balance. It is normal to see individuals suffering from stress and becoming easily irritable. To avoid being caught up in all these upheavals and to preserve your mental health, here are some tips!

Look for new landmarks and activities

Have you been unable to engage in new activities during these confinements? Have you adopted a monotonous lifestyle to the point of negatively impacting your mental health? With everything almost back to normal, now is the time to start a new routine. Take up new activities and enjoy what you are doing. For your moments of pleasure, dare new activities like a naturist massage. Don't hesitate to learn more about this practice and the dedicated establishments. The important thing is to free yourself completely to generate less stress and more calm.

Continue all your treatments

If you are being treated for a mental health problem, don't stop. To maintain your mental health, it is recommended that you continue to take your medication. The pandemic may increase your feelings of fear or anxiety. If you have problems with drugs or alcohol, the current situation can make them worse. It may even cause some people to relapse. In this case, it is essential to seek treatment for these addictions. Always stay in touch with support groups or a psychologist. Talking with a professional or with people suffering from the same problem will be a great help. If necessary, also talk to your family or friends about the psychological problems you are experiencing.

Avoid all kinds of addictions

The changes experienced lately, because of the confinement, favour certain addictions. Indeed, the stress, the restrictions and the limitation of the activities to do are not easy to live with. These phenomena seem to increase dependency in some people. To fight against anxiety or stress, some individuals prefer to drown themselves in alcohol. This is the one thing you should not do. Try to control yourself as much as possible. Not only alcohol, but also caffeine and other addictive substances should not be abused.

Keep certain lifestyle habits in place

During confinement, have you created certain habits that keep you active? Have you taken up reading or decided to cook or do crafts? In order not to lose yourself, don't abandon these habits no matter how much change you feel around you. Besides, it stimulates your energies and your positive emotions. To stay in top physical and mental shape, make sure you get enough sleep. A good sleep boosts your immune system and impacts on your behaviors. In addition, it is also necessary to eat healthily and to do sports activities.

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