How to take a shower properly?

To get a shine, you need to know how to wash. You may think you're doing everything right, but let us prove you wrong...

Not all showers are made the same

Yes, water and soap will get the job done, but if you understand how to shower in the ideal way, you'll leave with a glowing epidermis and hair bright, at every moment. It's all in the method. You can maximize the expression of your highlights and skin by following a few dressing principles. In the morning, when your complexion is dull and your hair is limp, these shower tips can really help you change your look. Now dive in (or in this case, take a cautious step) in!

Choose your shower temperature carefully

"Warm water is ideal for a shower to be comfortable without drying out the skin," says Dr. Tanzi. Edward agrees and advocates warm water before anything else.

Clean your hair in advance

"Plastic vent brushes are the best because they have lots of bristles," says Edward. "Always go over your hair before you get in the shower to remove any tangles, starting at the base and working your way up. Once you've showered, brush it gently." Full Shampoo "If you're shampooing, be sure to distribute the product evenly - don't just pour it on top of the head," Edward says. "Place a quarter-sized amount of product in your hands and work it all around. Be sure to find the back of your neck, especially if you have long hair. Many people overlook this area, which can actually be the greasiest area.

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Massage your scalp!

Continue to scrub for 30-60 minutes before rinsing..." When scrubbing, also take the opportunity to truly massage your scalp. Dirty hair constantly contains oil at its core, and focusing on the entire scalp ensures sterile, clean hair. As a bonus, massaging the scalp can cause extra blood circulation, which can in turn excite additional hair development. oz.)

Do not leave the conditioner on for an extended period of time

Leaving the conditioner for an additional time does not create a difference in the hair will emerge, clarifies Edward. "The ramifications of conditioners are instantaneous, because by the time you reach that point, your own hair is swollen with fluids, so the conditioner cannot penetrate your hair any further.

The majority of the benefits of regular formulas come from coating the hair's surface to smooth and protect the cuticle. And only use a hair gel or mask once a week." Treat your body safely "The bread of soap is hygienic and can be shared if desired, but loofah is not," warns Dr. Tanzi. "They could fight germs, the moldyeast and a plethora of other horrible things.

If you want to use just one, let it dry every day and replace it regularly." Most doctors advise eliminating loofahs altogether, but in case you can't consider giving up the heavy lather, change your loofah every month.

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Wash your face in the sink

When you cleanse your face with hot water, your pores open up, allowing the element to penetrate the epidermis and work its acne-fighting magic. The key is to follow up with this water warm with a cold water rinse at the end. The cold water will close the pores, which can be vital since open pores are a gateway for germs.

So unless you like taking cold showers, it's much easier to wash your face in the sink, where you can splash cold water on yourself without submerging your whole body.

Do not over-scrub

Exfoliation has many positive aspects, such as removing dead skin cells and encouraging the growth of new cells. While it is very good for your skin, it is important not to overdo it. "Only exfoliate once or twice a week, otherwise it can be too uncomfortable," says Dr. Tanzi. "Shaving counts as exfoliation, and so don't be too aggressive on the thighs along with body scrubs."

Rinse your hair with cold water

Comparable to your own face, hot water will open the hair cuticle and cold water will seal it. "Cold water seals the cuticle, which gives the hair shine," Edward explains. "Hot water dries out your own hair, so rinse with the coldest stream you can stand." If you have a removable shower hose, you can rinse with cold water without running your body under cold water.

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