It is important to confide in a professional when things go wrong

Stress, anxiety and other life events can be sources of discomfort more or less embarrassing. To remedy this, it is always important to express it verbally. Confiding in a professional in this area can prevent the worst, such as the appearance of certain physical symptoms.

What is a psychologist?

The psychologist is the professional who studies the behavior, thoughts and emotions of his or her patients, who can be children, adults and seniors of both sexes. Generally, he helps the patient to better understand their behaviors and propose solutions to change them. They use scientific principles and methods. Active in several fields, psychologists can work in hospitals, schools, companies, etc. Generally, the profession of psychologist can only be practiced by a holder of a master's degree in psychology. This professional should be on the list of psychologists drawn up by the Commission of Psychologists.

When to consult a psychologist?

It is appropriate to start consulting an online psychologist when disorders begin to prevent him or her from maintaining a satisfying social life. This affects both professional and personal relationships. In fact, as soon as you start to feel some discomfort or uneasiness in your relationships with yourself or with others, it is better to start a consultation. If certain events begin to trouble you, such as a break-up, a desire, a bereavement, a promotion, an addiction, a move, etc., it is best to talk to a specialist. It is not useful to let internal conflicts form in your mind before deciding to talk about them. Do not wait until the discomfort impacts your relationships with others or worse, reduces them to nothing before consulting a specialist. At this stage, psychological support will no longer be sufficient. It is not necessary to have a medical prescription to visit a psychologist. However, the attending physician can suggest that the patient seek regular care from a psychologist.

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The different roles of a psychologist

The psychologist can intervene in different social situations, at school or in companies, but also in his own practice.

If he or she works in a firm

During the sessions, the psychologist analyses your situation from the outset. There, he identifies the different disorders before proceeding with the advice related to your case. At this stage, the professional will orient the solutions according to the type and level of the psychological disorder. He or she may suggest supportive psychotherapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, etc.

In practice, the sessions differ from one patient to another. Indeed, a child cannot express himself in the same way as an adult. They may express their worries through drawings or games. In the same way, an elderly person who has lost his or her autonomy, exposes his or her problems through gestures or by certain characteristic behaviors.

Through these expressions, the psychologist listens to and analyzes all the stories and each expression without moral judgment. Indeed, he does not try to know the whole life of the patient, nor to verify the veracity of his story. The psychologist remains the impartial person who is there to listen to everything the patient has to say. The patient will be able to express his or her dreams, thoughts and even imaginations without embarrassment or taboo.

If you consult a psychologist online, you can express yourself freely through your remote communication tools. The specialist will always be able to give you maximum attention. And for the shy patients, you will have the possibility to express yourself freely and without complexes since you will not be confronted with your expert..  

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If he consults in other areas

However, psychologists can also intervene in other areas. In these cases, he or she can use all sorts of scientific methods specific to the discipline with which he or she is familiar. For example, occupational psychologists are responsible for recruitment, career management or the reclassification of employees within a company. In most cases, they attend job interviews and suggest certain tests. Generally, they provide their opinions on certain employees through skills assessments. Today, many occupational psychologists have a specialization in occupational risk management. Their expertise in analyzing a workstation as well as their solid skills in ergonomics are known to help employees and the company. In schools, however, the role of the psychologist is to assist students, their parents or teachers to regain a certain emotional balance following a specific situation. In fact, the psychologist's intervention aims to facilitate access to a better schooling. Without forgetting the restoration of good reference points for the child who has experienced a disorder.

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