Ladies, do you know the menstrual swimsuits? From now on, you can swim without limits.

The most embarrassing moment for women is to realize that they are menstruating under the wrong conditions. It can happen that you realize it even though you were planning to swim! Unfortunately, in order to avoid dirtying the water and being noticed, you will probably give up. However, today there is an ideal accessory to help you swim without worrying about your period: the menstrual swimsuit.

Menstrual swimwear: what is it? 

These are swimsuits that at first glance are not so different from ordinary swimsuits. They are however equipped with hidden absorbent layers to contain menstrual flow. This is good news for women who can't help but swim even when menstruating. This new invention puts an end to the various discomforts that women often encounter during swimming sessions. 

Benefits of swimwear 

Periodic swimwear has several advantages. 

No more unpleasant surprises  

Your biggest passion is swimming? That's great! However, you're afraid to swim just because you have an unpredictable period. It's time to treat yourself to menstrual swimsuits. They will allow you to swim without worrying about the unpleasant surprises of your menstrual discharge.

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The best accessory for athletes 

If you are running or speeding, you have no choice but to have menstrual swimsuits. They will keep you from feeling self-conscious during a competition. You can run without worrying about your diaper bursting. Besides, there's no way you're going to lose a title because of it. 

Stop blood spills in swimming pools

The worst thing that can happen to you as a woman is to go to the pool with your friends and realize that your period is over. It's just embarrassing. You can't forget it. 

These women's swimsuits will save you from this nightmare. The composition of the diaper is made to absorb blood without letting any drop escape into the water. No more shame, put on your swimsuits and swim as you want, when you want! 

End of the classical method 

Don't be burdened with towel liners that you can't help but see. With these modern swimsuits, no one knows if you're legal or not. You feel light and comfortable. If you are pubertal, the best option to experience the first time is to get menstrual swimwear. They can also be used by mothers who have just given birth or who have had an evacuation or abortion.

Characteristics of the swimsuits 

They are mainly equipped with three layers:

  • The first is the lower layer made of waterproof materials to contain the flow of blood.
  • The second is the intermediate layer. Its purpose is to store and absorb the blood flowing
  • The third layer is the top layer, whose purpose is to wick moisture away from the skin. 
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The swimsuits are a pure marvel for you ladies, very essential for your moment of pleasure in the water.

How to choose your swimsuit?

There are several types of menstrual swimsuits on the market. But to choose yours, you will have to take into account some parameters among which

  • Brand: Don't choose a dubious brand or one you don't really know. 
  • Price: The most important rule here is to choose jerseys that have a fair price/quality ratio.
  • The absorption rate You have to choose swimsuits that have a more or less adaptable absorption rate to your needs. 
  • Material and size You must choose swimsuits that offer you unparalleled comfort. The size must correspond to your body size in order not to allow blood leakage.

You can also check out customer reviews to choose the best swimsuits for your preferences.

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