Lengthen your hair with hair extensions

A hair style brings a new and very attractive appearance for women. To achieve this, there are different ways like opting for hair extensions. hair or improve her hair strokes. In recent years, hair extensions are one of the best ways for women to have a unique hair style. They are now a great success.

The main methods of hair extensions

When you decide to lengthen your hair with hair extensions, you should go through the choice of installation methods. There are indeed clip-in, welded and glued extensions. For the first technique, it is a type that allows you to change your hairstyle from time to time and without spending too much. The clip-in extension is less expensive than the other types. Moreover, it is both quick to attach and detach. It does not damage the natural hair. After, for the welded extensions, they are mostly used if you want a lasting change. It requires a lot of time for the installation which can be either cold or hot.

Finally, as far as glued extensions are concerned, they are strands sewn onto an adhesive strip. They can also be called adhesive extensions. It is a faster installation.

Tips for choosing the right type of hair extensions for your face

To choose the right type of hair extensions, you must consider the morphology of the face. It is necessary to determine the shape of the face as well as its texture. If you have a triangular face, for example, the hair extensions should be cleaner. They can support the volume on the top and refine the hair on the nape of the neck and on the ears. In this type of face, it is advisable to avoid short or too long hair.

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For an oval face, all hair extensions are allowed, including short, medium and long extensions as well as adhesive extensions. It is not necessary to hide the face behind locks or bangs. Indeed, to obtain a hair extension that perfectly matches the face shapeIt is best to make an appointment with a professional hairdresser.

The wedding: an occasion to put hair extensions

All women care a lot about their hair style during their wedding. One can put in hair extensions to get the kind of hairstyle one wants for this big day. Using hair products is not at all ideal and can bring risks. But, hair extensions allow you to have a really unique style.

In addition, a hair extension brings more volume to a head of hair. As one needs more volume for a wedding hair style, the adhesive extension is welcome. It's the same principle for hair color. Hair extensions bring a rather special and pleasing hue to a person's hair. This kind of little thing is essential for a wedding.

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