3 ways to make a man fall in love with you

You like a man but you don't know how to make him fall in love? Or do you want to rekindle the flame between you and your husband? Men are really complicated, so here are 3 tips to make it happen.

Be elegant

It all depends on the personality of the man you want to make fall in love with, but globally, they prefer elegant women. Take care of yourself, make an effort to please him.

Men can be particularly sensitive to the scent you have. There are some fragrances designed for women so that men will only look at you. Put on a good amount, but not too much to avoid smelling bad.

Men can also fall under the spell of a woman who has an elegant outfit. Put on your best dress, your favorite pair of heels, a necklace around your neck and you're done. If you want to be sexy, it's better to suggest things than to be too provocative.

Being natural

Don't try to do too much. Just be yourself!

If you play another character, he might be interested in you, but what if things go further between you? You'll be forced to reveal your true self, and who knows how he'll react!

To do this, keep your personality and avoid wearing too much makeup: men prefer simple things.

However, they may like a well-groomed and worked hairstyle.

Taking the first step

You are shy and don't dare to approach the man you like, so you wait for him to approach you? But who's to say he doesn't feel exactly the same way? In this case, things will never progress.

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So make the first move, and propose a meeting. He might be pleasantly surprised by your ambition and your desire to take things in hand.

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