Massage in Covid-19 time, how does the session go?

Summer is here, you can take some time to pamper yourself and get away from it all. A massage session is one of the best activities you can do during summer vacation. However, even though beauty salons and massage establishments have reopened, the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus remains high. It is quite legitimate to ask yourself about the measures taken in these establishments during the session. Rest assured, to ensure your protection, hygiene measures in massage parlors during the pandemic have been reinforced. Here are more details.

A reinforced hygiene rule

Even if the practice of massage therapy is among the activities requiring the application of drastic hygiene rules, with Covid-19, these rules have been reinforced. The massage in Covid-19 time will take place in the respect of the following sanitary protocols:

  • all door handles are disinfected after each entry and exit;
  • Workstations, changing rooms and massage booths are equipped with hydro-alcoholic gel, liquid soap, disinfectant wipes for the skin, disinfectant spray and disinfectant wipes for surfaces;
  • All types of snacks are removed, as are magazines, which are generally made available to customers;
  • the premises are regularly ventilated;
  • whenever possible, individual work tools (sometimes disposable) are used.
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Each massage parlor is also required to implement a sorting procedure in order to better separate the material likely to be contaminated. The clean linen and the linen rooms (sheets, towels...) are also separated in order to avoid a possible contamination.

An appointment is mandatory

Getting a safe massage in Covid-19 timeThe most important thing is to limit contact with others. This is why massage establishments no longer use their waiting rooms. In fact, making an appointment is mandatory. You must prefer to make an appointment online, by phone or by email.

This mandatory appointment also allows you to enjoy a good massage according to your availability without having to wait long in the waiting room. Just make sure you are on time so that the massage staff can properly disinfect the premises before the next appointment. Payment by credit card is also strongly encouraged.

Respect for barrier gestures throughout the session

During the entire session, the client and the masseuse must respect the application of health security measures for mutual protection. All towels used are single-use. Also, both protagonists must wear a protective element for the nose and mouth. If the massage involves a facial, it will be done in such a way as to avoid face-to-face contact.

Massage and vaccination

You've already been vaccinated, and seeing all these health measures, you wonder if they also apply to you? Well, you should know that the protocols applied in massage parlors do not change. In addition, you should know that the member where you received your vaccine for Covid-19 (usually the arm), should not be massaged for 24 to 48 hours after vaccination. If you develop symptoms after your vaccination, the massage parlor will not be able to accommodate you. You will have to wait until the symptoms disappear.

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