Gentlemen, find out where to put perfume

Since the dawn of time, perfuming oneself has been a sometimes mechanical, but much appreciated gesture, adopted by people of both sexes to perfect their toilet.

Famous fashion designers are constantly vying with each other to create new fragrances that are supposed to stimulate sensuality and bring an irresistible attraction to oneself.

Perfume is an art

In the same way as a well knotted tie, well polished shoes, a well ironed shirt, the fact of spraying oneself with eau de toilette or a fragrance is an essential and systematic act before leaving home.

The idea is to create a form of olfactory signature, personalized, which determines your own identity. This olfactory emanation is supposed to mark your personality with your relations and will make them identify your character when you drag them in your wake.

In general, to be perfumed is to ensure an irresistible effect of attraction. To smell good gives the impression of an excellent relationship and an optimal capacity of integration with the entourage.

The result is generally positive if you know how to perfume yourself, just as you know how to dress properly and elegantly.

How do I get the right fragrance?

The great perfumers design different and constantly improved collections in order to meet the needs and preferences of everyone, whether they are enthusiasts or not. Different fragrances are created for both sexes and there are even some for young children.

In order not to assault the olfactory sense of your entourage, it is recommended to choose the ideal perfume for men and adapted to your needs of physical attraction. The great perfumers suggest to these gentlemen to choose the perfume according to the place where you go.

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On a date, among other things, the important thing is to give off a slightly musky, but subtle scent that will certainly arouse sensuality in your female partner.

For a business meeting, the idea would be to catch the attention of the audience on your elegance through the charm given by the subtlety of a light perfume that determines your personality.

It is important to choose the right time or season to scent. Summer fragrances, lighter with a more pronounced country floral tone, are different from winter fragrances with a more spicy texture.

But perfuming is above all an art that deserves to be well exploited in order to obtain the desired effect.

Where to put perfume?

Like all clothing accessories, perfume has a specific place on the body. There is no need to spray the entire body in order to make the fragrance last. Perfume adheres better to the skin than to fabric.

However, you can spray a few sprays in the seam of your clothes to mark your wake. It is best to spray in one or two specific areas of the body, including the pulse points that give off heat.

For men, the neck, the back of the neck, the inside of the wrist or the folds of the elbow, behind the earlobe, the torso are the ideal places to spray.

On the other hand, to perfume the hairThere is no need to spray directly on your head. To mark and make the subtlety of the fragrance last, spray the perfume on your hairbrush before passing it on your head.

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Perfume is an essential hygiene and fashion accessory for any man who wants to perfect his charm and elegance, who wants to optimize his physical attractiveness. The main thing is to put the right dosage, at the right time, in the right place.

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