Osteopathy : the answers to your questions

Do I need to bring anything with me to my consultation?

You must bring details of any prescribed medication or supplements you are taking along with recent x-rays or medical reports.

In which cases can osteopathy be useful?

Patients consult an osteopath in the 92 for various reasons:

- to reduce / relieve pain

- return to normal daily activities after an injury

- In prevention

Osteopaths are experienced and can refer you to other professionals of health, if needed.

Preventive osteopathic consultations with osteopaths allow for early identification of potential ailments before acute pain sets in.

Should I have a prescription from my doctor before consulting an osteopath?

You don't need You don't need to have a prescription from your doctor to consult an osteopath. Osteopaths are clinically trained to assess patients without having to consult their medical records.

Osteopaths sometimes need to contact your general practitioner about certain aspects of your health and medical history, but they will always obtain your consent before contacting a health care professional.

At the end of your treatment, our osteopaths can, at your request, send a report of the session to your treating physician including the conditions identified and your osteopathic treatment to ensure that your medical records are kept up to date.

Osteopathic treatment is usually very gentle, but manipulating, massaging or stretching an injured area can be uncomfortable. Our osteopaths will explain what you are likely to feel and will always stop if the treatment is causing you too much pain.

How often should I see an osteopath?

Each patient is different and reacts differently to osteopathic care. Our osteopaths are specialists in the most acute cases and will do their utmost to relieve you in one session. Sometimes, total healing may require a few more sessions. Only the osteopath can decide if a follow-up is necessary or not.

Can I help myself?

An osteopathic approach involves the patient in the treatment and healing process and there is always something you can do to help improve your health. This may be in the form of specific activities or exercises that you should or should not do. Only an osteopath can answer your questions and give you practical advice to improve your daily life. This ranges from your lifestyle, your eating habits as well as the practice or not of a physical activity. Don't hesitate to talk to an osteopath.

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