The stars' favorite fragrances to smell good this summer

Summer is the perfect time to go out. Bars, walks, beaches, hiking, afternoons in the park with friends, movies on hot days...

It is certainly the season when we go out the most. All these moments are an opportunity to put on a good perfume.

Why not go out of the ordinary and dare a perfume that a star can use?

Perfumes to wear in summer

In summer, we are looking for freshness. It is therefore quite natural that manufacturers have tried to put it in their bottles. Whether by the appearance, with bottles often transparent or light colors, that by the color of the perfume or the scent.

The summer fragrance is generally composed of flowersIt is also made of citrus fruits. Although orange or grapefruit are winter fruits, they bring a freshness and a particular smell which is very appreciated during the hot weather.

The proof is in the pamplemousse rosé!

The best perfumes to have in summer

You want to have a luxury perfume, prestigious, which is of quality, perfectly adapted to the summer, but which is also in your budget? Here is a pre-selection of perfumes that match these criteria.

  • Armani's Si perfume: this perfume for women is based on red fruits, especially blackcurrant.
  • Shalimar by Guerlain: created almost a century ago, this perfume has been able to travel through time and remain in the top even today. It is a reference in its field. Even better: it is the first oriental perfume made. It smells of vanilla, rose and jasmine; fresh scents very well adapted to summer.
  • Petite Chérie by Goutal Paris: it is also a reference: it is one of the first flowery perfumes. The bottle is as light as its perfume. It is rather reserved for special occasions, it is not an everyday perfume.
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