How to naturally reduce wrinkles and fine lines?

In a world where appearance counts and where youth is emphasized, making wrinkles disappear is a popular desire. If cosmetic surgery is the talk of the town, there are other natural techniques that are less expensive and just as effective.

It is important to know that with age, the appearance of wrinkles is normal. It happens to everyone, and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

But if you want to preserve your youth for as long as possible, it is possible to reduce wrinkles so that they become almost invisible.

There are home and natural treatments to have a better skin, but what also counts is the hygiene of life. We explain everything to you.

A healthy lifestyle is the first line of defence against wrinkles

A healthy lifestyle is the key to everything: happiness, quality sleep and even good health!

Indeed, taking charge of your life allows you to smooth out existing wrinkles while avoiding new ones.

Avoiding smoking and reducing alcohol consumption is recommended. Also protect your skin from the sun's rays by using a high factor sunscreen, or even by not exposing yourself to it.

A healthy diet helps reduce wrinkles, especially foods and drinks rich in antioxidants: tea, fruits (berries, kiwis) and vegetables (beet, carrots). Moreover, colored vegetables allow you to fill up on vitamins and therefore have a prettier skin. This reduces imperfections such as wrinkles. Take Omega-3 through vegetable oils such as olive oil and fatty fish. Lean meats, eggs and fish will help you get protein to strengthen your muscles. Indeed, a good muscular tone helps to fight against skin slackening, and therefore wrinkles... This is why sport is important.

Physical activity not only strengthens the muscles, as we have just mentioned, but also promotes better quality sleep. Sleep is also an important element in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. While we sleep, the skin regenerates. Having a long and uninterrupted sleep therefore allows for better quality skin that is smooth and shiny.

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The stimulation of advanced cells

This modern and natural technique will be useful if your objective is to :

  • smoothing fine lines;
  • tighten pores;
  • reduce puffiness and dark circles;
  • tighten the skin tissue;
  • camouflage imperfections.

This technique is done with a revolutionary instrument in the world of beauty: the ACS-Pen. Created to improve skin tone, this small machine is a micro-needle device that acts on wrinkles but also on acne scars, stretch marks, age spots and so much more.

Say goodbye to your skin imperfections with the advanced cellular stimulation. This device stimulates and accelerates epidermal cell renewal.

To take advantage of it, go to a beauty salon. This process being relatively recent, the session is quite expensive and can exceed a hundred euros.

Home-made care

There is nothing more natural than homemade. This is true for the kitchen, but also for cleaning and beauty products.

There are organic home recipes designed to work against facial wrinkles. For example, mash half a banana and mix it with a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of plain yogurt. Apply this anti-wrinkle mask on the face and even on the neck if you wish, but avoid the eye area. After 15 minutes, the homemade mask will have taken effect. You can then rinse off with lukewarm water.

It is possible to do even simpler to treat wrinkles. Apply olive oil or argan oil to your fingertips and massage your face regularly with it. This relaxes your skin and muscles and speeds up blood circulation. This has the effect of promoting the regeneration of cells and therefore your skin.

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Using natural and organic products to give yourself a makeover allows you to look your best without putting your health at risk. Some industrial products are full of chemicals that are not really recommended, especially if you use them for a lifetime.

Make smile lines disappear

Wrinkles around the mouth are among the first to form because they are created every time we move our mouths to speak, eat and smile. As with all wrinkles, it is possible to make them less visible.

There are anti-wrinkle creams specially designed to be applied around the lips. Combined with the anti-aging serum, the effects are surprising. Twice a day, when you get up and go to bed, apply two or three drops of the serum, then your anti-wrinkle cream. Use circular motions and lightly tap the cream into the skin.

It is also possible to exfoliate around the mouth at a rate of once a week. This not only smoothes the skin but also reactivates the blood circulation to accelerate cell regeneration. Finally, a weekly mask can moisturize the skin to delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Make eye wrinkles disappear

The eyes are also affected by the appearance of wrinkles. Special care and applications must be made to reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

If they appear before the age of 30, it is usually not a sign of aging but rather a sign of lack of hydration. Drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables is a good start, but to speed up the disappearance of wrinkles, it is possible to use a serum rich in hyaluronic acid and caffeine.

Alternatively, there are anti-aging skin care products created especially for this area of the face that are composed of several important elements for the health of the skin such as vitamin C, caffeine, collagen or pink algae.

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