Which material should you choose for your socks?

Nowadays, socks have become very trendy fashion accessories and we are even proud to show them. To break the code or establish a style, we choose our socks carefully. For the comfort of your feet, what material should you choose for your socks?

Cotton socks

Resistant and comfortable, cotton is a natural material that helps the skin to breathe. Because of its softness, cotton socks can be worn on a daily basis.

Wool socks

Wool is a very insulating material, so it is recommended to wear them in winter because it protects from moisture and cold. Compared to cotton, the maintenance of wool socks is rather constraining.

Silk socks

Noble and elegant, silk socks are best for parties and special occasions. And to maintain them, you must wash them by hand. Therefore, to avoid deterioration of their condition, it is preferable not to wear them on a daily basis. However, their thermoregulatory property allows you to wear them in summer and winter.

Socks made of Scottish yarn

Scottish yarn is an improved cotton to make it a little brighter, softer and stronger. In addition, their color lasts longer and does not fade very quickly. Like the "simple" cotton, the Scottish thread offers the foot an incredible comfort and makes the skin breathe.

Polyester socks

For night socks, this material is preferred because it gives a "plush" effect. Polyester socks are warm and do not let the body heat escape.

Angora socks

To stay at home, Angora socks are to be preferred. They allow you to move around inside your house to warm your feet. They can also be worn outside while keeping your feet warm.

Discover the socks of the brand Petrone

The socks of the brand Petronius are made in Portugal. The materials used in their manufacture are made from high quality Scottish yarn and brushed cotton. These materials are produced by a renowned Italian spinning company. They are then knitted in Portugal by factories specialized in socks located in the Guimarães region. Thus, Petrone offers you a wide range of choices in terms of sock styles.

Petrone seamless socks

To ensure your comfort, Petrone offers seamless socks, i.e. hand-knit socks. This is a textile technique that eliminates the seam at the toes. These seamless socks are recommended for those with sensitive feet. This way, when you walk, there are no more seams that cut your toes.

Solid socks at Petrone

To ensure that your socks don't get holes too quickly, Petrone socks are very durable. In fact, to resist abrasion, they are reinforced with a touch of polyamide at the toe and heel. What could be better than socks that last?

The linen socks of the brand Petrone

For summer socks, the brand Petrone offers linen socks. More breathable and lighter than cotton, we prefer linen for our summer socks. Thus, this material dries faster and absorbs more moisture.

In short, when choosing your socks, don't neglect their material. To be more elegant, choose them according to the season, the context and your style. At Petrone, the brand offers high-end socks that will ensure the comfort of your feet. So make a difference with your socks!

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