Is coffee good for the liver?

Coffee is considered to be a very popular morning energy drink in the world after water. Being able to speed up our neurons, many people get hard on this drink at the beginning of their day, as it gives a boost of energy when you are out of it. Whether you are for or against this drink, there is no need to remind you that coffee is rooted in modern society.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of this powerful elixir, we have some news for you in this article. Your regular consumption of this drink could be the best gift you give to your liver to maintain its health.

It is a subject that has aroused the interest of many researchers, namely the effects of drinking this beverage on the liver. Good news, the multiple results concluding the research are positive. This is a good thing because it changes for once the bad reputation propagated on this natural food often rightly, because if we recognize it or not, coffee has harmful effects on the body when overconsumed. So, want to know if coffee is good for your liver ? It's right here in this article.

How can coffee be good for the liver?

From research to research, scientists at Duke University (USA) have been looking into the question of whether coffee is a good ally for the liver. Their conclusion is this: Drinking tea and coffee on a daily basis, and in a respected dose, keeps the liver healthy. How was this done?

The experiments were done on cell cultures and animals and they noticed that the metabolism of lipids stored in the liver cells is stimulated. This stimulation is possible thanks to caffeine, the main molecule of coffee, and for the second advantage, it saves us from having a fatty liver.

Do you know non-alcoholic liver disease ? Indeed, when our liver is damaged and there is an increase in cholesterol, this has an impact on the amount of fat in the liver cells and its degeneration.

Coffee can thus radically change the course of the situation, by reversing the damage of non-alcoholic liver disease. The researchers also believe that these four cups of coffee daily, decrease the risk of obesity and reduce fatty tissue. They conclude that the research could lead to the development of drugs that will have the same effects as coffee on our bodies, especially on the liver.

Even unloved, coffee remains a solution to stay in vigor, and to fill up with energy. More than preserving the liver, it is also a good fat burner. The icing on the cake, is if you join to this detail a healthy and balanced diet, in order to be at 100 % a healthy and vigorous person.

What are some other benefits of coffee?

Research is not limited to the liver, but to all areas of our well-being. This important organ of our body is not the only lucky one, because a good moderation of the consumption of coffee can :

  • Avoid the formation of gallstones
  • Preserve from depression
  • Reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease
  • Protecting the heart
  • Reduce the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases.

The best way to drink coffee is to make it yourself with an adequate and practical machine. If you want to buy a Coffee makerVisit Percolateur Cafetière to read the reviews. Finally, always remember that too much of anything can be harmful. Drinking too much of this beverage can cause serious problems, such as migraine, frequent urination or heart arrhythmia.

For advice, do not exceed the dose of three cups of coffee per day, without forgetting to respect the adequate hours, because drinking it beyond 4 pm is not beneficial for sleep.

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