Men's perfumes to seduce

What are women's favorite men's fragrances? That's the question you are asking yourself, isn't it gentlemen? In a moment, you will finally discover the fragrances that will allow you to seduce. Whether you are a single man looking for love or a man in a relationship wanting to please his wife, there are many fragrances for men that can satisfy you.

The best sensual perfumes for men

You are looking for love, you wish to conquer or reconquer it?

L'Homme Idéal by Guerlain, is undoubtedly the perfume that you need. Its name alone sounds good and indicates the color. Do you want to be a perfect man in the eyes of the ladies? Guerlain offers you the possibility with its perfume released in 2014.

In order to convince the largest number of people and be able to be worn in the summer as well, the eau de parfum with the same name was created in 2016. Since then, both bottles have been among the best-selling fragrances for men. The combination of almond, cherry and vanilla should not leave anyone indifferent.

La Nuit de l'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent is also one of the best men's perfumes. It makes the wearer sensual and mysterious. Its spicy notes are typical of men's perfume while lavender gives it freshness. With this well thought out blend, this perfume will make you very attractive.

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The best smells to seduce a woman

To seduce a woman, rely on 3 ingredients:

  • musk, to appropriate the power of an animal and to have a great power of attraction on the people who surround you;
  • vanilla, for its aphrodisiac properties;
  • Woody fragrances, for their warm, elegant and reassuring smell.

With one of these three types of perfumes, you will surely succeed in seducing.

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