Daily use of antimicrobial film

In public places, shops, hospitals, wet rooms or the food industry, it is possible to apply an additional protection against resistant bacteria. Combined with the use of bacterial soaps for hand washing, disinfectant spray with hydro gel or wipes, the anti-bacterial film is a 99.99% effective protection!

What is the antimicrobial film?

It is one of the antibacterial products the most effective at the moment. Virucidal and bactericidal, it limits the proliferation of microbes. Presented in the form of a adhesive and polyester filmIt uses the bactericidal effect of silver ions to fight bacteria. The multi-purpose film also contains a polyethylene resin to prevent the multiplication of resistant bacteria. 

You can combine its use with another cleaning product that kills bacteria like hydrogen peroxide, bleach or hydroalcoholic gel...

In addition to eliminating bacteria and complementing hand hygiene, it is also effective against scratches, fungus, bacteria and fungi. mold or algae.

Why choose antimicrobial film in your business?

The risk with the opening of the economy is the contamination with viruses and microbes. By feeling secure in their workplace, your employees and collaborators will be much more productive. They can accomplish their tasks more serenely thanks to this protection device. 

You can choose a transparent antimicrobial film, printed with your company colors or colored. This way, you will show that it is essential to follow the measures taken against the coronavirus to the letter. 

The benefits of antimicrobial film

Innovative technology

The antibacterial coatings are equipped with silver ions that are active at all times. When they come into contact with microbes, bacteria, viruses and other germs, they will destabilize their DNA and thus prevent the proliferation of microorganisms. This stops any bacterial or fungal multiplication. 

Antiviral protection

The antimicrobial protection kills bacteria and ensures excellent hygiene of the premises. E-Coli, MRSA, Covid-19, or other bacterial and fungal infestations, it fights everything.

Efficiency and resistance against pathogens

The antimicrobial films can withstand temperatures from -40 to +60°. Internally, this product can last for 5 years and can be disinfected with conventional products. This will not alter its antibacterial properties.

A broad spectrum of use against bacteria

In order to fight against bacteria, the bactericidal film can be installed on :

  • Door handles ;
  • Elevator buttons;
  • Switches;
  • All flat and smooth surfaces.

Installing an antimicrobial film in your business: Ensuring the safety of all

The new coronavirus will be part of our daily lives for many months to come. It is a deadly virus attacking the respiratory tract and causing flu-like symptoms. It even shows great resistance to antibiotics. If there are no effective solutions to 100% yet, the use of an antimicrobial film is an excellent alternative. 

The antibacterial film is going to be put on all the most touched surfaces such as meal trays, touch screens, door handles, shopping carts... Thanks to its double-sided adhesive, it allows to have a safer working environment. 

However, it is recommended to highlight the barrier gestures within your company:

  • Wearing the mask;
  • Social distancing with floor markings;
  • Complete cleaning with detergents or wipes;
  • Frequent hand washing;
  • Application of hydroalcoholic gel at all entry and exit points.
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