The trend of antique jewelry

Do you love luxury and sparkling gems? Then antique jewelry is for you! Unique, precious and ethical, these second hand jewels are the witness of a bygone era. They are now very trendy and more and more sought after by jewelry consumers. We give you all the good reasons to be tempted by these nuggets!

Good reasons to buy an antique jewel!

Do you dream of buying a precious piece of jewelry? Think about antique jewelry. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings from the 19ème and the 20ème centuries have been given a second life by you. Precious, they crossed the times with brilliance without taking a wrinkle. So don't hesitate to offer yourself a jewel old!

Unique jewelry

Antique jewelry is above all unique. They have passed the decades, and sometimes even the centuries, without taking a wrinkle. Resistant and precious, they are durable and valuable goods.

So when you look at a beautiful antique Art Deco ring for example, you can be sure that it is a unique piece of jewelry that you will not find on someone else's finger. Indeed, at the time, jewelry was very rarely mass-produced, and was rather the object of private orders.

And even if some jewels have been made in several copies, it is unlikely that so many of them have reached us. So, by choosing an antique jewelry, you are choosing a precious and unique piece of jewelry that will be unlike any other.  

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Ethical jewelry

Adopting an antique jewel is also adopting an ethical consumption mode. Indeed, opting for second hand jewelry allows to enter in a circular consumption mode by reusing already existing products by giving them a second life.

In practice, this avoids launching a new production of modern jewelry, and generating pollution. Especially since the large jewelry industries are known to generate a significant amount of pollution.

Moreover, antique jewelry is part of an eco-responsible consumption mode. That is to say that by buying second hand, we also mobilize against the working conditions in the mines still existing nowadays. Indeed, the origin of precious metals and stones is often obscure.

When buying a modern jewel, one is rarely sure of the origin of the raw materials. Therefore, by buying second hand, one recycles an already existing good without participating in the uncontrolled production of a new good.

Jewels that bear witness to an era

Antique jewelry is also the privileged witness of a bygone era. Thus, they are representative of a well-defined movement in art history, and are the work of jewelers who responded to the orders of the time. Therefore, they are unique, and jewelry of this style does not exist in modern jewelry.

So, if you are a fan of vintage and authentic, antique jewelry is for you. It is the very expression of a style of antique jewelry. For example, it can be an Art Deco piece, an Art Nouveau piece, or a precious ornament from the 50s, 60s or even 70s. Each of these periods of art history has contributed to the creation of unique pieces that are representative of their time and historical context.

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Moreover, these pieces are full of history. Full of soul, they have accompanied their former owner in the most beautiful moments of his life. They only ask to live a second life at your side!

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