The new make-up trends in 2023

With the return of the beautiful days, we want light make-up, but which emphasize well its assets.

And besides, the makeup trend for spring-summer 2021 is glowy, rather bright, but without overloading. Thus, heavy materials will be reserved for later, as well as matte effects for that matter.

For the beautiful seasons, we like to choose make-up in peach tones that resist well to the heat.

A glowy makeup for a radiant complexion!

For this season, we want to forget the gloomy atmosphere of winter by opting for a lively makeup that allows a lot of freshness. The make-up artists insist on the fact that the glowy complexion will be in order for the return of the beautiful days.

Thus, we let ourselves be seduced by the glossy skin without looking fake. That said, the perfectly worked complexion of last winter will no longer be there, just like the countouring for that matter. In other words, we cultivate the concept: "perfect with its imperfections".

So how do you get that pretty complexion? Simply massage the skin gently to plump it up before applying your skin care routine. As for the makeup itself, luminous finishes will be in order, as well as light materials for that matter. Also, creamy bronze replaces bronzing powder, while a foundation replaces your usual foundation.

Since warm weather rhymes with heat, you need products that hold up well. Thus, you can opt for a 24-hour high-coverage foundation that will keep your complexion luminous and perfect despite the heat and perspiration.

The blush is back!

The beautiful days have made their comeback, the blush too! Thus, the blush which is always the star of the spring and summer season will be back on our face.

Following the rules of makeup, blush will be applied on the cheeks, but we will also apply it on the nose to obtain the trendy effect put forward by Lily-Rose Depp. We are talking about "blush draping".

That said, you'll give your cheeks a little pep by opting for colored moisturizers instead of powders. As far as lipstick is concerned, shiny effects are the way to go in order to reproduce that fresh look.

Moreover, the major cosmetic brands offer a large catalog of lipsticks that can achieve this effect with a very moisturizing texture.

In other words, anything glossy is favored, whether it's for lips, cheeks or eyeshadows. In other words, the fruity side emblematic of spring.

In short, we make room for the light for the right season, a fresh complexion, both bright and radiant.

Orange makeup for spring

To better enjoy the beautiful season, fashionistas are tempted by the orange peach colors pulling towards the sun on the eyes. Also, you can create a slight orange-pink halo to match the iridescent hues.

In order to structure the make-up at the level of the eyes, we abuse a little with the mascara. To emphasize the looks, a light line of eyeliner would also be welcome. Not too much however, because it is enough to draw the part on the internal corner-half at the level of the eye.

Once that's done, dare to add the perfect touches with a comma. Then, take a good look at the different angles of your eyes to fill in the gaps. The practice is not difficult, so test it!

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