Wearing a Metatron cube jewel: what are its benefits and virtues?

As a fan of esoteric culture and related religious jewelry, you are attracted by the cube of Mstateron. Containing the solids of Plato and Merkabah, this jewel endowed with geometrical figures benefits from a very high vibratory rate. In order to wear it better, discover the benefits and virtues of this symbolic jewel.

Metatron Cube : definition

The cube of Mstateron is in the form of a cube made up of 13 circles embodying the fruit of life. It also contains the Merkaba or vehicle of light. This sacred geometrical figure optimizes extra sensory perceptions, aiming at a better connection to the sacred. It also includes the icosahedron and its 20 triangular faces, a factor in unblocking the heart chakra, as well as the dodecahedron and the 12 pentagons, useful elements for the rebalancing of chakras 5, 6 and 7. 

The octahedron with its 8 triangular faces, associated with the fourth chakra to ward off negative energies, is also visible in this cube, in addition to the hexahedron or cube, to soothe and secure material issues. Finally, the tetrahedron or pyramid is theelement of the metatron cube which helps to collect energy in order to better face the action.

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The benefits of the Metatron cube

The Metatron cube is known to be a reliable source of strength and protection. In the same way, it is also at the origin of vitality, while protecting from all the waves and negative energies. Indeed, wear this type of jewel with a metatron cube helps to build trust in order to facilitate all the steps for the realization of the missions or projects.

Since traditionally, Metatron represents the closest angel to God, wearing a cube with this symbol is equivalent to having a guide and accompaniment from the most powerful spirit.

The virtues of the Metatron cube

The cube of Mstateron worn in jewelry provides a guide on the path of spirituality. This is due to the fact that Metatron was a human being, hence his understanding of the difficulties encountered by human beings on this delicate path. In the same way, he is also particularly attentive to the thoughts of human beings, so that he can influence them to transform negative thoughts into positive ones. This helps to avoid bad decisions, and to take a better path to be better human beings.

In short, as an esoteric healing medium, the cube jewel of Metatron represents the ideal protection for believers, reflecting the creation of the universe and its environments, water, air, earth, fire and ether.

Video, the Metatron Cube : Origin, specificities 

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