10 most expensive flowers in the world

The flowers are one of the most romantic gifts you can give to someone you care about.. Since the beginning of time, flowers have symbolized beauty, grace and love. Their diversity is fabulous, although many of them are of ephemeral beauty. In this article entitled 10 most expensive flowers in the world, I propose you to discover some of the specimens of an exceptional beauty, article written with the help of the site send-of-flowers.com .


This flower comes to us from South Africa, its rarity confers it a place of choice in this classification. The Gloriosa is an extremely fragile and delicate flower, very difficult to cultivate.

Lily of the valley

The Lily of the Valley is a flower of the lily variety, each specimen of which can be worth from 15 € to 50 €, a price largely justified since this beautiful plant blooms only once a year, its harvest must be with great care given their fragility.


As surprising as it may seem, the hydrangea is a relatively expensive flower, since the most beautiful varieties are traded at around 6.50 € per stem. This is probably due to the difficulty of cultivating this specimen. These flowers are also used in dry flower arrangements as centerpieces, so the demand is quite high.


Lisianthus is a very ephemeral and fragile flower, their life span is very short, and without special care it is very easy to damage it, which makes it difficult to transport. It will cost between 10 € and 35 € per diet.


Probably one of the most famous luxury flowers in the world, orchids are exotic flowers, the most beautiful specimens of which grow on the American island of Hawaii, or in Vietnam or Asia. Particularly difficult to cultivate, the supply is often lower than the demand which explains why some flowers can be traded at more than 50 € a piece.

Lily Oriental

The Oriental lily is one of the more exotic lily hybrids and can take years to reach flowering size. They are low yielding and very fragile flowers. It will cost about €16 to €50 per bunch of five.


Roses are undoubtedly one of the favorite flower varieties to declare your feelings. It is indeed one of the most popular flowers in the world. However these prices can vary greatly depending on the variety, indeed some specimens can exceed 50 € each.


Tulips were at the origin of the first stock market crash, the famous tulipomania which took its roots in Holland in the 17th century. Since then, these flowers with their amazing colors are still very popular. Their price is very variable, some families of tulips can cost five dollars to 45 € per bundle of 10, price that varies depending on the time of year.


This variety of flowers is very easy to grow, but its short life span weighs heavily on its price, it will cost you between 10 € to 30 € for a small bouquet of 10 viburnum.

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