5 ideas to fence your garden easily and cheaply

Fencing your garden can be motivated by several reasons, the main one being the privacy of your family. Unfortunately you don't have a big budget to do it and the choices are endless. We propose you here 5 ideas to make the fence of your garden at lower price.

Make your own fence from bamboo

Making a bamboo fence requires neither effort nor budget if you do it yourself. Indeed, to have a bamboo fence, you can opt for several types of alignment of the latter. Firstly we talk about bamboo canisse and secondly we talk about openwork bamboo fence.

The bamboo canisse is defined as an alignment of thin bamboo woods connected by ropes. This type of use of bamboo can be used as a fence for your garden, the canisse can be used as a privacy fence. To make it, you just have to fix the canisses in the frame provided for the fence. This will give you a bamboo fence.

On the other hand, the openwork fence gives a modern look to your garden fence project. It allows you to fix the bamboo directly into the ground. You can connect them with a wire to keep them stable. Their natural look gives a charm to your garden and lets the light pass through.

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Making your fence from wood

Wood is one of the most ecological materials. Its use for garden fences is highly recommended for its environmental protection. It is possible to make your fence with a variety of woods:

  • Use tree branches This practice is much simpler for people living in the countryside or near a forest. Indeed, it consists in cutting branches of wood and aligning them around your garden by putting them in the ground. Also, you can weave them together to give a more aesthetic look to your fence.
  • The wood plank trick It consists in using old wooden boards. To make this type of fence, you can align the wooden boards in the ground according to their strength. To get a gradient look, do this by taking boards of different sizes. To keep everything in place, connect the boards by attaching other boards perpendicular to the others.
  • Wooden pallets Fencing: Using wooden pallets to make a fence for your garden is a very simple trick. Indeed, wooden pallets can be simply lined up on the ground and connected together. For a more modern and natural look, you can opt for climbing plants or paint to your liking. However, for a solid fence, you can attach them to pillars. Make sure to put these pillars in the ground by making them hold with concrete. Then let your imagination run wild.
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Installing a composite garden fence with ultraprotect

Ultraprotect wood composite is a recyclable material made from recycled wood and plastic. It is prefabricated and sold for assembly. It bridges the gap between aesthetics and resistance. Their manufacture by coextrusion gives them a resistance against the various bad weather which can occur.

Easy to assemble, it is a material that will seduce more than one in addition to its aesthetic side. Investing in this type of fence does not cost much and will interest do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Moreover, it is a product that can be customized on demand.

A mini fence

The mini fence is suitable for delimiting your gardening space from your deck. To do so, it is recommended to use wooden logs. The logs allow you to make a small fence. Then connect them with a wire.

A wire fence

This type of fence is very rarely used but can be considered. It consists in installing an iron fence on the delimited part of your garden. You can put climbing plants to your taste.

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