Gastronomy: Hérault, a land of plenty

The gastronomy of the Hérault region features high quality local products and proven know-how. Influences from the sea and the mountains meet on the tables of the region's gastronomic restaurants, to the delight of gourmets and food lovers.

Some specialties of the Hérault

In the Hérault, a Mediterranean region par excellence, you will find many varieties of olives and olive oil, cheeses, shellfish and seafood, products of the beehive and sun-drenched fruits. The colors and scents blend together on the plates of a gastronomic restaurant in the Hérault like a master's painting. Cuttlefish rouille, stuffed mussels, macaroni, brasucade, these specialties are absolutely to be discovered during a visit in the southwest of France.

Montpellier butter has a reputation that has been firmly established for centuries. It is used as an accompaniment to grilled meats and fish, and contains watercress, tarragon, chervil, spinach, capers, anchovies and garlic. This preparation, which is offered in every self-respecting gastronomic restaurant in the Hérault, is a true institution in the region.

For those who have a weakness for savory specialties, the cuisine of Sète, which has strong Latin influences, is distinguished by its products of the sea and the pond. Simple but rich, the bougnette originates from the mountains but is prepared nowadays in the farms. This pork preparation contains knuckle, pork fat, eggs and crumb of bread. It can be eaten as a cold or hot starter, dry or grilled.

Monkfish bourride is prepared by sautéing the main ingredient in olive oil and then simmering it in dry white wine with a tight aioli. It is served with toasted bread and small finely chopped vegetablesSometimes with squid or cuttlefish. Monkfish can also be used for the "gigot de mer" (leg of the sea) in the style of Palavas where it is served with eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and zucchini.

Wines of renown

Eating in a gastronomic restaurant in the HéraultThe wine list is also an opportunity to discover a wine list of very high quality. Clairette du Languedoc, which comes from a single grape variety grown on the banks of the Hérault River and on the hillsides of the middle valley. It is an AOC that can be followed by the name of the commune of origin. This wine exists in sweet, dry, rancio, but also in liqueur wine. The Saint-Chinian vintage comes from the villages at the foot of the Black Mountain, on the banks of the Orb. AOC for about thirty years, this wine likes the clay and sandy soils to which it owes its flavor, sometimes fruity, generous and supple, sometimes full-bodied and long in the mouth.

With their 14 terroirs, the Coteaux du Languedoc are the most maritime appellation of the region. These white, rosé or red wines offer an extremely varied palette of tastes and nuances. Finally, the Pic Saint-Loup, dark red in color, is mainly made with three grape varieties: Syrah, which is distinguished by its delicate aromas, Mourvèdre by the finesse of its tannins, and Grenache by its resistance.

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