How to choose a guitar to play the blues?

Do you dream of playing the blues on guitar, a genre that appeared in the United States in the 19th century and became popular on the eve of the 1960s? As with all styles, you should ideally select an appropriate instrument and master a few basics before getting started... Here are some useful tips to consider if you want to get into the blues soon!

The notion of "shuffle", a prerequisite for playing the blues

On the purely rhythmic level in the field of the blues, we generally place ourselves on a shuffle" rhythmor sometimes "ternary". Very concretely, to shuffle means "shuffling". In this sense, every time you see a group of two eighth notes on the score, you should make the first one last and delay to play the second.

On a score, an eighth note that must be played in ternary is often materialized by the presence of the number "3" above. In parallel, we advise you to play the pick strokes downwardto have a slightly heavier and more appropriate tone for the genre.

Don't hesitate to look for video tutorials on the web, they can help you step by step to discover and get familiar with this specific genre.

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With which guitar can you play the blues?

Ideally, a electric guitar for the blues. Then, you need an amplifier and a microphone, knowing that two configurations are possible:

  • H-H: two single microphones
  • S-S: three single microphones

Give preference to thin sleevesThis advice applies to many genres: the goal here is to simplify your movements and avoid generating muscle or tendon pain after long training sessions. This handle must also be right and the body must be full.

If you aspire to take guitar lessons and learn the blues, avoid choosing a pickup that is too powerful, and pay close attention to the curvature of the neck when you buy your instrument (a flat neck, for example, can produce false or metallic sounds that are not adapted to the desired rendering).

Learn a riff based on E, A and B and the pentatonic scale

In the field of blues guitar, a riff with a chord in E, A and B is a good base to master at first. You can hear it on very popular songs in the genre, such as "Rock me Baby" (BB King).

The challenge here is to achieve rub the low strings with a pick and the medium strings with your ring finger. This manipulation may seem quite difficult at first, as it is not a natural gymnastic. Take the time to practice and make sure you master this sequence properly, as it is a foundation that will be very useful later on.

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In parallel, you will also need to know all notes of the minor pentatonic scale E.

The value of home guitar lessons for learning the blues

If you take group music lessons, you may not have the opportunity to choose the genres you will focus on. By contacting a home teacher to take lessons in your home, each course becomes customizable at will.

So if you feel like learning blues guitar, or challenging yourself in other targeted genres, look into private lessons that will allow you to have fun, progress at your own pace, and grow in your practice.

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