How to make a dowsing rod ?

Below are some explanations on how to make a divining rod from common materials. The use of the divining rod is an ancient method of finding water or anything that may be found underground, such as metals or gems.

Early settlers in North America and Europe used divining rods. So divining rods are not new at all. Nowadays, the wands are used in several disciplines such as geobiology, reiki, magnetism, astrology, clairvoyance. Note that a wand, bought or made by you, can be used (and will work) with about 80% of peoplethe most receptive ones.

1. What is a divining rod and how does it work?

A dowsing rod is a straight metal rod used for divination. It has the ability to sense the presence of water, minerals or objects underground when placed over them.

Dowsers or dowsers walk with divining rods over an area where they hope to find water, oil, diamonds or other objects below the surface. Dowsing rods are believed to work on the basis of the ideomotor effect. It can also be used to find oil or treasure.

To use it, it is usual to hold it in one hand, the diviner walking on the ground with it, making all the necessary movements in order to point the rod towards the ground, in search of the hoped element. In practice, your body will play the role of an antenna, which, associated with the divining rod, will allow you to detect the waves of such or such substance.

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2. How to make dowsing rods ?

There are several methods of making divining rods. One of the simplest and least expensive methods is to use a branch or a piece of straight but flexible metal rod ofabout one meter long. You can use, for example, a copper or aluminum pipe, or a rigid plastic tube. Divining rods can be different in the materials they are made of and conduct electricity differently, which will then affect the divination.

You will also need 3 small round headed nails. The head of the nail will hold the tube in place so that your hands can support without forcing the main part of the wand, which will be directed towards the ground.

3. How do you use a divining rod to find water?

To practice, kneel on the ground or sit so that your divining rod is parallel to the horizon. Relax and focus on the chopsticks until you feel them pull down. The dowser should then follow the direction of the rods until they stop on the target object. To ensure accuracy, repeat this step several times to confirm your diagnosis.

If you want to try this exercise, you will need to be in good mental and physical condition, and make sure that no external elements will interfere with your search (watches, cell phones, antennas, etc.). You will then have to mentally draw what you are looking for, concentrate and be attentive to the movement of the sticks, to let them move "freely". Your role will simply be to hold them.

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