How to build a wooden veranda yourself to enlarge the house?

Expanding your home by adding a veranda can be motivated by several reasons. It can be for aesthetics or to have more living space or for relaxation and reading. To do this, you can use several materials including wood. But between doing it by yourself or a professional, we explain how to make your own veranda using wood.

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to make a wooden veranda
to make its veranda out of wood

The construction of your wooden veranda requires to make an inventory of fixtures. Indeed, to build a veranda in framework wood requires a choice of the place where you plan to make your veranda. It is important to choose the place where you want your veranda to be by following some criteria. Check the character of the place by making sure that this location will be much more affected by sunlight.

In order for your veranda to be in suitability for your tastesIf you are planning to build a deck, it is a good idea to have the potential of the land examined or to examine it yourself. Make sure that your terrace construction is linked to a living room of your house that you often live in, such as your living room. This is important because it makes you want to stay on your deck or go there often rather than when you move it away from your house.

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After the inventory of fixtures, you can prepare your ground. Indeed, you may start the foundation of your terrace. This involves the construction of a slab. When you do it yourself, and you don't have the necessary skills or the adequate material, it is ideal to call a professional to help you on this step. You can choose a tiling on the whole surface where your veranda will be, or a suitable wooden floor.

Also it will be necessary adapt the roof your home to that of your veranda. Generally, the roof of your house determines the frame of your veranda. It is easier to make your roof to measure.

The construction of your veranda

In order to have a quality veranda, it is important to choose the right quality of wood that you should use. Make sure you choose the right wood, taking into account the waterproofing and strength of the wood. A wood that is too light will not be able to stand the test of time. Once you have chosen the material to use, you can now move on to the construction.

The size covered by your veranda should consist of four wooden pillars, one at each end of the surface. These pillars are used to support the roof to be installed. If your veranda is large, you will need to consider adding pillars on the sides with the longest distances. This is very important so that your roof does not give way over time. You can directly fix the pillars to the ground when you fix the foundations or you can fix them directly with a drill on the slab.

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When you do your own roofing by adapting it to the frame of your houseIt is ideal to put it up right after the installation of the different pillars. To achieve this, you will have to build the rafters yourself, which will be used to form the roof of the veranda. Indeed, you must install the post, support the ridge purlin where the rafters will be fixed. After this step you can start to fix the rafters one by one in order to obtain a slope on both sides of the purlin. Remember also to overhang the rafters on the supports in order to obtain a cornice.

The cornice should be made so that the edges are aligned. This facilitates installation of eavestroughs. Once you have installed your roof properly, you can install the plywood to cover the rafters and the roof structure. Consider making it to size with the help of an electric circular saw. You can adapt the decor to your taste, paint, decoration and floor.

Note that building your own wooden veranda is not easy. It can take time and energy. If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, it may seem easier. But you can get help and advice from outsiders.

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