How to Choose the Best Doll?

How to choose the ideal doll? We do not choose a toy as we would choose lego to collect. Personally, when I was a young woman, it didn't matter to me that none of my dolls looked like me, that they were different shapes and sizes. To me, each one was a person and was very, very unique. I am reminded of this every time I see the boys and women in our stores playing with the dolls. There is nothing like a baby doll to reveal our beautiful nurturing side.

Choosing the Best Doll for Your Child

However, how do you choose the perfect doll for your child? A good rule of thumb is that the length of the doll should not exceed the length of your child's arm, measured from the elbow to the fingertips, so that it is easy to cradle. Whether it's a boy or a girl, drinks or talk, your child will find a unique and special way to relate to it.

Actually, except for helping with potty training, I prefer dolls that don't "do" anything. That said, we live in an overcrowded modern world filled with lots of external stimulation, so if a child prefers a doll that can speak in four languages, you can embrace that too. Below are some of our favorite dolls for young girls, but there are also dolls for children. We like the miniature Minirêves variety from Corolle. They are machine washable. Who likes them? Young children and people looking for a quality, safe, develop-with-me toy for a child.

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Choosing a Doll for Young Children

For soft, easy-to-carry dolls, we love Baby Stella from Manhattan Toy. These adorable toddler dolls come in both male and female versions, in different colors, some with hair and others without toesrealistic belly buttons and chubby bellies. In addition, there are beautiful outfits and accessories, and even a backpack which can be used as a baby carrier, and the velcro outfits are easy to wear.Who likes? New walkers who like to take their baby everywhere and try wearing outfits. Since this era also loves the bathtub, we also love the Tidoo dolls from Corolle.

Unlike when I used to put my babies in the bathtub and they would get thick and have bad hair forever, these dolls are filled with Styrofoam beads that dry quickly and are so light and soft they float. The dolls are filled with Styrofoam beads that dry quickly and are so light and soft they float. Kids who like to play in the bathtub.Maybe you need a doll for your slightly older child? Stay tuned! We'll be back with some of the dolls we like for ages 2-5 and tweens.

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