Astronomy: the new favorite attraction of the French

The return of astronomy in the leisure of the French

The observation of the sky and the stars has always fascinated human beings. In the era of modernity, astronomy, once reserved for scientists, has been extended to a non-professional public, with the commercialization of telescopes. We also witnessed the opening of the first planetariums in France. However, in recent years, the interest of the French for this science has increased to the point that it has become a tourist attraction. This trend has been confirmed with the opening of several astronomy centers accessible to visitors of all ages.

Astronomy centers open to the general public

Astronomy centers are undoubtedly a sign of the revival of amateur astronomy. More than ten astronomical sites are open to the general public in France. This is the proof that stargazing attracts many curious people. These centers offer a wide range of fun activities for visitors of various profiles: astronomers, amateurs, children, teenagers, adults...

Most of them are located in regions where nature and the sky are preserved from any pollution. Also, day and night, the atmospheric visibility is almost perfect. Using a telescope will only be rewarding in rich discoveries.

With summer on the horizon, if you're wondering what places to take your family to, you may have a solution. Indeed, when you read the activities offered to visitors, you can better understand the growing enthusiasm of the French for this entertainment. First of all, there are the attractions specially designed for children and teenagers.

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Among these are astronomy clubs designed to help young people discover the beauty of the stars through games, models, virtual simulation experiments, etc. The animators of this type of workshop aim to stimulate the scientific spirit that lies dormant in your child.

Other activities are dedicated to a wider public. This is the case of the astronomy weekends accessible to the whole family. Initiation to astronomy, night or day observation practices are as many moments of recreation that parents and children discover in a friendly atmosphere.

Astronomical sites also organize astronomy camps during the summer period. These take the form of educational stays where visitors can relax and immerse themselves in the study and observation of the stars.

The development of the amateur telescope market

The return of astronomy in the leisure which the French frequently indulge, has been verified by the increase in sales of amateur telescopes. Indeed, new technologies and competition from the industry have allowed the marketing of affordable observation instruments. After visiting an astronomical site, amateurs can continue their pleasure from home. This ease of purchase of a telescope has favored the popularization of this hobby in France.

Some manufacturers also offer a range of advanced optical instruments that require masonry work to install. This shows how amateur astronomy generates emulation among sky observation enthusiasts.

Among the followers of this increasingly popular hobby, we find a diversity of practitioners. For example, there are the occasional observers who willingly go to astronomical sites once or twice a year to have fun. Then there are the real enthusiasts who do not hesitate to invest more time and money, especially to acquire sophisticated telescopes.

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