What to drink with Pata Negra ham? 

Good food should always be accompanied by very good drinks. Meat lovers won't argue with that. But what should you drink when you finish a good meal? ham Pata Negra ? Let's start by focusing on this type of ham, before suggesting some side dishes. 

Pata Negra Ham 

In general, a classic ham comes from the largest legs of a pig. The one called pata negra ham comes from Iberian pigs raised under special conditions by Spanish butchers. Before it became a world-famous dish, it was first a specificity of the Spanish. This type of ham is recognized as one of the best in the world because of its unique flavor. It is prepared by specialists with several ingredients such as rich flavors, soft textures and many others. After a good dish of this type of ham, you can accompany it with a suitable drink. Even though there are different opinions, there are still appropriate drinks.

What to drink with pata negra ham

What should I drink with a pata negra ham?

It depends on you, your preference, your taste and especially the local drink in your environment. However, there are specific drinks that you can drink: 

White sparkling champagne

Mainly made from white grapes with white juice, this type of champagne 

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is the best accompaniment after a dish of Pata Negra ham. Its lightness, aroma and flavor facilitate digestion and satisfy your appetite. Let's also mention that you can take other champagnes of your choice, as long as they are at least 15 months old and are still raw and refined. 

A White Arbois 

Produced in the Jura regions of France, Arbois Blanc is renowned for accompanying poultry, cheese, ham and fish. It is said to have a special flavor that will do nothing but titillate your taste buds. You only have to try it to appreciate it.

Red wine 

It is one of the best wines for Iberian ham. Its strong aroma goes perfectly with a Pata Negra. However, it should be noted that the best red wine to drink with this dish is a reserve red wine. 

In the Spanish countryside, Finos or Manzanilla wines are the most served in restaurants that specialize in Pata Negra ham. 

Sparkling wines 

The only requirement here is to avoid those that are too soft and sweet. If not, the dry and old ones will go well with a Pata Negra ham. 

The beer 

This is the last of this list, which should be reminded is not exhaustive. If you are not a wine or champagne lover, you can also have a good bottle of cold beer. 

Let's be clear, the choice of your drink will depend on your taste and preferences. Whatever drink you choose you can always live a unique experience because of the special flavor that Pata Negra hams provide.

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