Are casino winnings taxable? Everything you need to know about the legality of gambling winnings

One of the most popular areas in France is undoubtedly the world of gaming and entertainment, especially with the emergence of a plethora of gaming brands. That said, some people have great difficulty with the legality of these services. The questions you will certainly ask yourself are: Is the amount I earn taxable? At what rate are they and is there a tax credit? Obviously, all these questions must be legitimately asked and must have a clear answer that is not easy to find. Through this short guide, you will discover step by step how the taxes on games work before your bets are placed and profitable.

The need for an authentic game license

Not everyone can become a gambler in France, or even open a casino. Offering a contest for example to sell your car or deposit a gaming machine while promising a lot of winnings at the end is not a simple thing. Indeed, the games that cross your path will not always be reliableEspecially if you do not check their legality. An independence of the distribution of the obtained gains must be compulsory. Therefore, French people who want to play or who are already used to gambling must imperatively take into account several criteria, and to avoid the risks of a scam that is interfering somewhere, the player that you are wherever you are, must imperatively consult the legality of the game in which he is about to bet. To do this, it will not be useless to consult thoroughly the best casino choices available on the internet through online comparators, which are generally under permanent control of the authorities.

Which gaming sites are ARJEL approved?

ARJEL is the reference that cannot be bypassed since it is present on almost all online gambling sites in France. Indeed, the year 2010 has seen the establishment of the Regulatory Authority of Online Gaming in a perspective of opening to operators who are not French. Obviously with the aim of promoting sports betting and betting on races, but not only: there is also a great opening towards poker games with money. In 2021, we will have more than fifteen ARJEL-approved operators. We recommend that if you are unsure, you consult the reviews on the sites to compare the opportunities that may be available to you.

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Nevertheless, even though ARJEL represents a national and independent authority to the state, ARJEL regularly performs filtering drawn from the options that are new to online casino. Unfortunately, this is not enough to deal with frauds and other scams such as internet gambling scams. So you can safely rely on ARJEL as soon as it puts its mention directly on the bookmakers to guarantee the reliability and legality of online gambling sites. However, you should know that if you are looking at other gambling sectors, you should rely on licenses marked by non-French authorities, nevertheless, they remain just as reliable and legitimate in France.

Gambling taxes: are they mandatory?

Every player who tries to gamble must pay tax. We remind you of this because this important information is not often written in the books or given in the online gambling sites, but this is the reality. However, like everyone else, gamblers can benefit from an income tax credit, especially when filing your annual income tax return. To be taxable under French law, You have to win regularly or be a big winner. For example, when you win a jackpot, the taxation will depend on how many wins you have. In the case of players who do not play often, but win regularly under the law, you are a small business. There are three possible scenarios:

  • you will be taxed at 25% minimum on earnings in the previous year ;
  • you can declare your winnings for income tax purposes in the box for gambling;
  • all your losses can benefit from a tax credit, since you will be considered as a businessman who just wants to invest in his business.
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All about the online casino and its advantages

Do you know the field of online casino ? If you are a fan of gambling or physical casinos, you should know that online casinos are also very interesting, for many reasons. There are a lot of online casinos, because the craze is very present among players. This is of course not without reason. You can discover this world on this reliable online casino sitebut also by reading our article.

In this guide we will show you the advantages of online casinos and how to choose them.

What are the advantages of online casino?

The online casino has a real success for a number of reasons:

  • You can play anywhere and anytime, the online casino does not have any timetable
  • You have access to a large catalog games, as well as numerous bonus more attractive than each other
  • No more need to go to the game, you can play win therefore of the timeand money by saving trips
  • You can preserve your anonymity
  • It is now possible to play with cryptocurrencies according to some casinos

How to choose your online casino?

Now that you know a little more about online casinos, chances are you want to take the plunge. Here are some tips that should help you choose your online casino:

  • Ask your environment If you have a family member who is a serious gambler, chances are they have already tried their hand at online casinos, or they are seasoned gamblers.
  • Consult the notice Google online casinos you know, or read about them in rankings of the best online casinos.
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