The 12 best water play ideas for fun

It's hot, but you're hesitant to go to a water park because you don't really know what to do? Discover the 12 best ideas of games of Aquatic vortexwith which you and your children can have fun. 

  1. Fun on the Splashpad 

In a water parkAt the Splashpad, you can have fun in the Splashpad, one of the water games of Vortex aquatique, the company that created it. It's a water playground water games immersive and without water depth in which more than 250 products are installed. 

  1. Refresh yourself with the various elements of the Splashpad 

Take advantage of the humid atmosphere to refresh yourself and let your children play with the water games arranged there. We quote the Proue N°1, the Sea Silhouette Pieuvre, the Astra N°2, the Alto N°1, etc. 

  1. Playing with Elevations and PlayNuk 

Your children can also play on the Elevations and PlayNuk installed in the Splashpad, exciting installations of Aquatic vortex. They will increase their imagination tenfold with the thematic structures installed there. 

  1. Playing on the slides 

With your family or friends, you can also slide on the toboggans, the water games very fun. Indeed, these structures can be autonomous or integrated to an Elevation or a Splashpad or even to a pool. 

  1. On the slides for little adventurers 

Your little ones can have fun on the slides for little adventurers, water games specially designed for them, to encourage them to try their first descent. 

  1. Slide on the wide slides 

You can also slide side by side with your children, but on the wide slides. They can even slide together, these water games are dedicated to all members of the family.  

  1. Introduce the children to the mini-race slides
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If your kids are intrepid enough, let them have some fun on the mini-race slides at Vortex Aquatic. Don't worry, the sliding speed is not too intense, even for beginners. 

  1. Fun on the family fun slides

Also have fun together on family fun slides such as free-fall slides and raft slides. These water games will provide you with memorable family gaming experiences. 

  1. Scare yourself on the thrill slides

In case you want to experience more intense water games, the thrill slides are for you. They guarantee a real adrenaline rush. 

  1. Try out the quick slides 

The same is true of the rapid descent slides or the diving slides, products specially designed by Aquatic vortex to make you spend unforgettable moments. 

  1. Get drunk with the AquaTwist

Do the same with the AquaTwist, high-speed tubular slides that make you slide like a spiral. This is the water game for thrill seekers. 

  1. Playing with the interactive fountains 

Even after dark, you and your children can still have fun with the interactive fountains of Aquatic vortex. They combine design, lights and programming for your pleasure and that of your children. 

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