The 7 best backpack brands

Nowadays, one of the most essential and useful accessories is the backpack. Indeed, whether it is for small errands, a hike, to go to school or others, backpacks are of great interest to us. This usefulness lies mainly in the ease with which we can carry and transport them. From day to day, the brands try to surpass themselves in order to meet the expectations of their public. Discover in the following article, the 7 best brands of backpacks.

Lacoste backpack

The Lacoste backpack is made with different materials and according to your tastes and specifications. In leather, nylon or canvas. Plain or two-tone. Equipped with a wing or not.

Looking for a classic backpack? The simple and timeless canvas backpack will take pride of place in your wardrobe. Its hidden pockets allow you to quickly store your personal items. You can also pair this backpack with a tracksuit for a sporty look. You can also alternatively wear it with a polo shirt and a belt. Three in one for elegance.

But if your preference is more leather, the matte plain quilted leather backpack offers a much more urban and stylish look. With its reinforced lines of vertical stripes, the quilted leather backpack offers a stylish and graphic option.

The winged model is very flexible and can be folded according to your wishes. Made of nylon, its aesthetic reminds us of military backpacks. This is the main reason for its style. Unique and daring.

Jacquemus backpack

Jacquemus backpacks have a lot to offer. One of the most important aspects and what makes them special is certainly: the space they have. You can literally store all your daily essentials inside. Most of the backpacks have numerous pockets and compartments so that you never lose anything inside the bag.

No sore arms from carrying heavy shoulder bags or purses. Plus, your hands will always be free. It's convenient because you can now use your hands to text, while shopping and sipping coffee all the time.

They not only offer practical ways, but they are also extremely trendy and stylish. Jacquemus backpacks are not the type of backpacks you went to school with as a child, but they are the type of backpacks you wear as a fashionable strong person.

The Jacquemus brand offers in its catalog backpacks of different ranges such as the Chanel backpacks in black leather. Thanks to their high-end look, they enhance any outfit on many levels.

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Also featured is the Gucci Bamboo backpack in several colors. The Gucci Bamboo collection is so iconic that it will never go out of style.

As for the Louis Vuitton Montsouris backpack, it offers them in different sizes.

If you want to look a little more casual, there is the vintage Fendi backpack. It's made mostly of canvas, which simplifies the backpack look a bit.

Mickael Kors backpack

The Michael Kors backpack is primarily for women. However, it can also be used by men. Indeed, it allows you to store all your stuff and also goes with any outfit. They show off your style while being useful. They are made in many colors and styles, so there are many choices for those interested.

Mickael Kors backpacks are cheaper and feature the latest trends. They guarantee a price that is almost like a discount or a bargain. Promotions are also done for the best selling of these bags.

We distinguish the Mickael Kors Jaycee backpack. It is made of leather and has two leather straps adjustable in length. The logo lettering is on the front of the bag and an exterior pocket is located after the zipper. It has two main compartments and zippered compartment.

You can also find in the collection Mickael Kors backpacks Women Black, Women Blue, backpack 30S5GEZB1L and several other varieties of the same brand, some more attractive than others.

See By Chloé Backpack

The See By Chloé backpack is a cowhide leather backpack. It features a handle for hand-carrying, two back handles for shoulder-carrying, and a flat pocket on the front. It closes with a branded flap with a magnetic button, a sliding drawstring under an eyelet and a zipped pocket inside. It also features two patch pockets and a cover storage space.

This bag is made of a fabric and is treated to be waterproof. However, it is advisable to shorten its contact with humidity, rain or heat. It is also recommended to avoid rubbing it against abrasive surfaces.

see by chloe backpack
see by chloe backpack

Guess backpack

The Guess backpacks are of a plethora of diversity. They come in many different shapes and colors. Their diversity and multiplicity make them special. For example, we have the Guess Manhattan backpack, which presents itself as an ideal accessory and raises the new level of the bag.

As for the Guess backpack ref 52163, it is a black backpack with a padded effect. It has a zipper closure and a front zipper pocket, with adjustable straps.

The Guess Vezzola Compact backpack can be used during your free time or when you're traveling or in college. It allows you to be prepared for everything and also stylish on the road. You can store everything in the main compartment of the bag and your laptop can also be stored there.

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The GUESS Naples is a perfect backpack for your back. The design of the bag is easy to combine and is a great finish to your look. In the main compartment, which is very spacious by the way, you can store all your utensils.

Calvin Klein Backpack

The Calvin Klein backpack is made of synthetic material and has a classic style. Thanks to its two adjustable straps, it can be worn either on the hand or on the back. Its pockets are fully zipped for more security. It has a large main compartment and a zippered pocket. The other pocket is at the bottom of the bag. The Calvin Klein backpack gives its wearer a fashionable look. It is made of 100% cowhide leather, and a 100% polyester lining with metal finishes.

The Calvin Klein backpack is a true necessity for any modern person. Whether it's for work, a walk around town or a weekend getaway, it offers versatility and holds all your essentials. Choose your Calvin Klein backpack from the collection of sturdy and stylish bags that will appeal to even the most discerning. Choose a durable leather or lightweight canvas backpack that best matches your seasonal outerwear. A printed backpack complements one of our logo t-shirts, a clean black backpack complements a printed sweatshirt and winter jacket. Whichever you choose, you won't be able to live without your men's backpack.

Gucci Backpack

Gucci backpack can be made of canvas. This Gucci canvas Supreme GG backpack from the house of Gucci is embellished with black leather details and gum finishes.

Before being put up for sale, each item is carefully selected, checked and authenticated by experts from an independent firm. Each item is delivered with its certificate of authenticity dated and signed. The Supreme GG model backpack (2019 Collection) is either beige or ebony in color. It has a black mesh back and a front zippered pocket. The interior pockets are for smartphones. Its interior padded iPad case is also in leather and with a velcro closure. Its straps are padded and adjustable in nylon and their lining in suede-like microfiber.

Gucci products are made from carefully selected materials. To ensure the longevity of the product, please use it with care.

Keep away from direct sunlight, heat and rain. And it should also be dried with a soft cloth if it gets wet. It should be filled with tissue paper so that the bag retains its shape and the paper draws out the moisture. It is also important to avoid carrying heavy objects with the bag so as not to deform it. 

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