The 7 best handbag brands

The handbag is an accessory that has entered the daily life of women today. It is a tool that allows them to carry some small objects they often need. It can also be used as a decorative tool for a party for example. Unfortunately, it is difficult for some women to make a choice when it comes to brands offering handbags. It can also be expensive. It depends on the brand you choose. Here, we present you the seven best handbag brands you can find. You will also find their advantages.

Gucci Handbag

The Gucci handbag model is considered to be a model that cannot go out of fashion and can be adapted to several styles of clothing ranging from the most chic and elegant to the most casual. Therefore, it is possible to keep a single Gucci bag for several years and still have a flawless look. Indeed, their vintage side offers many advantages, the first of which is recycling. 

Generally expensive, these bags remain very coveted. This is one of the reasons that justifies the timelessness of the brand. Because the demand is present, people can afford either for the retro aspect of the bag or to be in the trend. What characterizes this brand is its glamorous, sophisticated and chic sensual side. It is an emblematic piece of the most sought after. 

Gucci handbags have an originality that allows you to make your choice. There are a variety of bag types. You can opt for a shoulder bag with pronounced shades and an insistence of the red green stripe that the brand is known for. For your small outings, a wallet bag would be ideal.

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Lacoste handbag 

Lacoste is a clothing brand that offers a variety of products. These include sportswear and also handbags for women. The Lacoste handbag is a set of bag models that allows you to keep your belongings while participating in keeping your style. It blends perfectly with your figure and helps you to highlight it. You can choose several bag models offered by Lacoste.

Designed with noble materials, which give them a luxurious, elegant and practical character, Lacoste handbags are functional accessories that can accompany you anywhere. Indeed, this functional side also allows you to easily store your phone, your purse, your ID or some documents when needed. When you go out for an evening or a gala, opt for the small Lacoste bags very practical. They add glamour to your look without weighing you down with a large bag.

Jacquemus handbag 

Jacquemus is a clothing brand created by Simon Porte Jacquemus. This brand is very well known for its extraordinary presentations and fashion shows. It has not failed like other brands to become known through the handbags it offers. Indeed, it is proposed by this brand a variety of handbags. You will find leather bags with many colors and models.

The label offers you bags that offer you a storage in a small space. You can store your belongings: lipstick, your keys etc.. There are several types of Jacquemus handbags: the best known is the Chiquito. The Chiquito exists in mini, micro, knot, long, medium and large. By definition, it means small in Spanish. Despite this small size, it is possible to find it in larger models. It is designed to hold your belongings with sentimental value. You can, depending on the model, wear it as a simple accessory or keep it on your shoulder. Thanks to these different advantages, the chiquito is the most recognizable handbag of the label.

Michael Kors Handbag

The Michael Kors handbag offers a fashionable look by combining timeless originality and high quality. It is a practical and trendy accessory. It is very versatile and allows you to keep your stuff while bringing out the charm of your style. You can wear it for your parties, for a glamorous style. Its biggest advantage is that it does not go out of fashion. 

Michael Kors is a label of elegance. It offers its customers luxury handbags by contrasting its originality and sobriety. It is the place to recognize that its range of bag helps you to relook and adapts to all the clothing styles that you adopt. It offers a variety of handbags such as the Selma model in crocodile leather. The Selma handbag of the brand is seductive by its chic, luxurious and sober side. With a sophisticated look and a leather that is pleasant to the touch, the jewel has shoulder straps that allow you to carry it. The model is adapted with all your models that you are in conventional dress or in chic dress. 

See By Chloé Handbag

See by Chloé handbags are the main piece of the range. The brand offers bags for a bohemian chic and trendy style. Indeed, Chloe handbags translate and reflect the poetic side that the brand conveys. Very practical, small and natural, the brand is known for its admirable leather work. See by Chloe offers bags in smooth, grained or woven leather diversifying its appearance.

You can choose your bag from a variety of models that the brand offers. Indeed, there are many models of bag such as the bucket bag, the messenger bag and many others. See by Chloe offers you the Cecilya bag as a bucket bag. It blends perfectly with your daily outfits. You can wear it over jeans with a blouse. You can also accompany your evening outfits with a Hana besac bag. It goes on a long dress with mules. Among others, opt for the Mara two-tone model for a casual look. Also, you it is possible to adopt in small size or the mini bags or the mini-chic mini-romantic for an allure conon to the festival way.

Guess handbag

Guess handbags are remarkably original and diverse. The Guess bag can be defined as a fashion icon. The brand was created in the 1980s by two Frenchmen based in Los Angeles. It quickly established itself as a brand with a rather personalized style. Indeed, since then, Guess bags reflect a Hollywood glamour tone that is contrasted with elegance and beautiful balance.

The Guess handbag is a true addition to your look. It perfectly matches your clothing style and stands out with its details. The brand offers quite bold designs with beautiful finishes that make you want to own them. The label also displays an arsenal for all styles of clothing: an urban style, a sportswear style or folk rock. The fashion icon also displays a diverse range of handbags: tote bags, bucket bags, messenger bags and evening clutches.

The range of handbags offers a wide variety of colors and materials. The colors help to harmonize with your look. You can get the bag in several colors. In order to harmonize your look with your handbag it is ideal to refer to the way you want to wear your handbag. For example, you can opt for the guess clutch bag on an evening wear look. 

Calvin Klein Handbag

Calvin Klein is a renowned brand that has existed since 1968. This brand is a reflection of the elegance of luxury aesthetics and sophistication. It offers clothing of all kinds and especially for women by taking care to highlight their pronounced form. With this label you have a look at once chic, modern and sensual. Calvin Klein has not failed to delight women by also offering a range of handbags.

Indeed, Calvin Klein offers you high-end and chic bags. Known for its leather work, the brand offers a variety of handbags. You can have shoulder bags with leather that feels good to the touch; tote bags and bags with cases. Opt for these types for your evening outings or in your daily life. You can easily store your small belongings or even carry them to work. Pleasant to the touch, the brand's bags are less bulky and come in a variety of colors and sizes to match your style.

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Why choose a Guess bag?

We've shared a few brands in this article, but there are other bags that can satisfy you. Whether it's for your own pleasure or to please a loved one, we recommend you choose a Guess bag. The latter is very practical since it allows you to carry a few personal items without being encumbered by many products.

  • The Guess brand had the idea to develop a mini shoulder bag, it will be perfect for men who want to carry only a few things.
  • In terms of price, you should expect less than 60 euros and these references are available in several colors.
  • You will have a large pocket to slip your wallet for example and a small pocket in the front for your keys for example.
  • The color will easily adapt to your needs whether you want to wear it in summer or winter.

Compare all the bags and purses offered by Guess as you will have a wide choice to meet the expectations of your loved ones. The prices are a bit higher, but the quality is clearly what you expect. So you can't go without these products developed by a world famous brand.

What are the products offered by Guess?

Apart from the classic bags and satchels, you will also find wallets, belt bags and shoulder bags that are coming back to the fore. Usually, about 50 euros is enough to buy such a product. However, if you want to buy an evening bag with a python print, you will have to plan for more than 200 euros, so it will be a very nice gift to give to your loved ones.

Pay close attention to the color, as it should match your outfit perfectly. For example, if it is dark, do not hesitate to opt for a colored product. It will bring a touch of pep to your outfit. If on the other hand you appreciate vitaminized clothes, opt for bags or wallets that are close to dark shades.

By juggling tones with this method, you can more easily enhance your look for the day. You don't have to have a single backpack or evening bag. Some men and even women do not hesitate to buy several containers to choose them according to their mood.

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