Activities not to be missed in Normandy

Often known for its tranquility and its gentle way of life, Normandy is nevertheless a region where the practice of extreme activities is very developed. If everyone instinctively thinks of bungee jumping, the list can be even longer. One thinks in particular of Tyrolean traverse, pendular jumps or giant swings. However, finding the best course can be a bit of an obstacle course. Especially if you don't use the right ingredients. Focus on the tips to optimize the practice of extreme activities in Normandy.

Bungee jumping

A real must, bungee jumping has improved considerably compared to the years 2000. From now on, the security conditions are optimal and everything is done to live an unforgettable experience. The choice of the place is necessarily capital, because it is with this panorama that the principal interested will have to jump. This is why the Skypark Normandie can represent an ideal option. With the Souleuvre viaduct as the main viewpoint and perched more than 60 meters above the water, everything is in place to live an extraordinary moment in complete serenity...

Attractive rates

Despite some clichés, practicing this type of activity does not necessarily require an XXL budget. If you look at the prices charged nowadays, you will quickly notice that the market has become more democratic. Significantly, prices are down. But be careful not to neglect the security aspect in your research. In this respect, the opinions of former clients can be a serious indicator. Finally, do not forget that this type of moment must be immortalized. This means that you should think about taking a picture or even a video of yourself during this exceptional moment. If everything is prepared, this service has a cost. After all, it is not every day that you jump from a bridge at a height of more than 60 meters.

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